NEW Diamondback Armor Vest w/2 SAPI Armor Plates (Will ship for free)

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    Manufacturer - Diamondback Tactical/Custom Armor Technolgies
    Size: Large/XLarge

    The ETOC "Enhanced Tactical Outer Carrier" is one of the best designs we have ever created. Designed to meet the needs of our customers who have our concealable body armor or federal agent kits, this carrier simply takes the ballistics you currently have and retrofits them into the ETOC. Features adjustable shoulders, internal and external cummerbunds for weight distribution and flexibility as well as the option of including side plates for added protection. This carrier was designed and built on one principle; "Customer and Performance Driven." When you are in the fight, this is one vest you will be able to "Define the Fight" with!

    The ETOC is constructed with the best fit possible in mind. The "length" is measured from the top of the neckline to the bottom of the cummerbund in the front. The "waist" is a maximum measure. It is the measurement of the entire width of the front and back at the waistline. This is adjustable by approx. 8 inches to make the waist smaller, but it is not possible to make it larger.

    - Will accept both hard armor plates (front & back ) and soft armor!
    High quality American made gear. This is not the cheap stuff.

    - 2 AP Level IV Armor Plates Included (Large)
    - Level IV Armor Piercing Rated when used with soft armor...........Level III+ Alone
    - Plates came out of an issued CIACS Vest (Combat Integrated Armor Carrier System) issued to the Military
    - Manufacturer Date 06/2003........No damage at all. These things are ready to go

    $475 OBO for the new vest and both military plates that fit into the vest. (No soft armor included)

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    Will you sell the plates only??

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