WTS OR new condition unfired yugo sks 2 digit serial #

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    WP_20151008_001.jpg WP_20151008_004.jpg WP_20151008_005.jpg WP_20151008_001.jpg WP_20151008_004.jpg WP_20151008_005.jpg WP_20151008_001.jpg This is quite possibly the nicest stock SKS I've ever seen, and I wouldn't be selling it except starting my company making aftermarket gun parts and accessories for now. (hopefully the SOT / FFL paperwork will be filed by June.)

    Asking price is $900 but as with anything in life, that's negotiable to a point. I'll take partial value in trade, but only with $500 cash minimum. I'm also willing to bundle ammunition, scope mount top cover, another yugo sks I rescued from bubba but haven't got to rehabbing completely yet and finally, AMMO!!

    even on small quantities I'll go to a reasonable price per round. If you buy a gun today or tomorrow, I'll let you bundle in ammo in other calibers as well.

    calibers available: 5.56 7.62x39 7.62x54R 12 gauge 22 lr 7.62x25 & 7.62 nagant

    (oh and about 500 x39 blanks... Don't ask lol)

    please contact me with your offers as long as you don't think you should get an unfired and gorgeous EXTREMELY early production sks for the same price you'd get if you were playing the cosmoline lottery.

    I'm asking quite a bit for this gun, and I have zero problem with doing so for two reasons.

    1. This isn't a beater sks you buy as a first gun or truck gun! It's a very early production new condition sks for someone who can appreciate the history it represents, and treat it like you would any valuable item. I'd rather keep it than give it over to someone who offers me $400 for it and is planning on turning it into one more upgraded tactical sks.

    2. It's a piece of history that I am only selling to finance my entry into the commercial firearms aftermarket parts world. So not only do you get a new condition sks with serial number below 30, you also get to know your money is helping start a new firearms technology company that will eventually bring jobs to the area as well!

    Oh and did I mention that you're really gonna be screaming take my money in a few months when you see the initial two products I'm bringing out? Did I also mention that the buyer will also get a 50% discount on one of each item out of the first ten produced?
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