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    after a LONG LONG week at work get a text from my wife saying 'my mom wants to watch Jase, do u want to go out to dinner?'

    Well, while getting ready to take the wife out to dinner she asks 'does this look good babe?' yes dear ofcourse:D. are u wearing jeans with that? yes. howbout you carry your pistol since you JUST got your CHL in the mail... 'well yeah... i was just gonna ask u to open the safe... '

    !!$&--/@&$??! YOURE HOT!

    tonight i took my wife to dinner. shes been so busy with nursing school and clinicals its about time she deserves to be treated for her hard work. as were getting ready, i mention her chl and ask if she wants to carry. IDK about you guys but it was such a turn on to get dressed and put my glock in my side at the same time shes putting her lc9s pro at 6 o'clock.

    point is...

    do any of you guys find it attractive when your wife is carrying?

    I, for damn sure, do.:D
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    Yep........and to boot she knows how to use it well, attractive and got my six what else could I ask for.

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