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    After a lot of looking I decided on the Smith & Wesson M&P 45 it fits my hand better than the Glock and has better balance than the HK, The M&P 45 Also has revisable mag release so I can use my index finger for release.

    The holster is a SERPA fits comfortable even while sitting and easy to store & release.

    Now the story... The CZ-52's and others are now sentenced to the safe the quintuplet CZ's and others will live a life of darkness with the tri-monthly cleaning and very little feeding. THey are teased with food the food has a way larger cell..

    Now, Please don't call the ACLU on me for not feeding them often they will get feed but only when I feel like burning cheap ammo. They share a multiple cells with about 80 other firearms i do add new fire-mates often to make sure they get their social activity. There is no cultural or ethnic bias in the cell chambers some even burn the same ammo regardless of ethnic background.

    I do pass on notes from previous wardens to the fire-mates while they are bathing so if you transferred a firearm to my facility leave me a note I will tell it hello for you every time the cell is opened.

    These fire-mates love their shower time end really like it when the lube comes out. Every now and then they get to go leave for a airplane ride but always return to their cell..

    Note: most all fire-mates have multiple live sentences some even have had hard labor very few get the death penalty. Only few 100year old sick ones have been transfers to a trusting facility for either 0rgan Donation / Recipient.

    I am always looking for wardens that want to transfer their unwanted fire-mates to my facility even if their sentence was only a few years it will be commuted to a multiple life sentence with out trial.

    These fire-mates will love their warden they will protect him and his family and when he is gone (Of Natural Causes) they will offer the same protection to their new warden witch they have watched grow up as the warden is not elected but appointed.

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    Good for you, in these hard economic times we need people like you. The safe people will welcome another helpmate...Bill
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    Brought a smile to my face, thanks.

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