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New BGC newd to broke in?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by SVT-ROY, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. SVT-ROY

    SVT-ROY Tigard Resident Beretta guru

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    Yes my BAD Droid is acting up. And i have clp on my hands lol. Or it was a complex migrane lol.Needless to say i dont know how to fix my posting title.I just slapped in a new BCG today after breaking it down and lubing it up. When I do function test I smell a weird almost burning smell. The action is very tight as well. Is this normal? The gas rings must just need to be worked in? This is a first for a new unfired BCG. The last time I smelled that smell was a new rifle with a broke in BCG, that rifle fired 70 flawless rounds so far. So I'm guessing I just needs a few hundred rounds to get worked in.

    Yes I call on the oh so wise AR God's!
  2. yotehunter

    yotehunter north west Active Member

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    keep feeding it
  3. madcratebuilder

    madcratebuilder Ardenwald, OR Well-Known Member

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    Go shoot it.
  4. Dutchy556

    Dutchy556 Bend, OR Member

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    Yup just shoot it... could be a coating on the inside of the receiver thats wearing where the carrier rails make contact, or the anodizing itself wearing from the carrier rails. I know the smell you're talking about and its a fairly common occurrence. As for the tightness, its probably a result of the gas rings and also the lugs on the bolt not having "mated" to the barrel extension yet.

    Hope you're satisfied with the BCG!