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New and upcoming Hunter from Portland! Looking for mentors and friends!


Hi everyone! I have been a gun owner for the past 2 years and just this year have decided to start hunting! Whether it be small game or big game, I just want to get out there and learn all that I can. I want to pass down my guns to my family's future generations. I plan on hunting this upcoming elk season with my Savage Axis II XP 30-06 that I bought for $316 new from Cabelas using discounted gift cards (I recommend it)! If you need a spotter or cameraman or any sort of help, I'd love to tag along and go scouting and learn all that I can with you!



I started hunting later in life, although I've been shooting all of my life, and had a hard time breaking into the sport - hunters are like fishermen that have their secret fishing holes lol.

If your strong and can help pack an animal out that will help you. Also I've found the more research I do and know, the more people have been willing to share with me.

Best of luck on your search;)
Welcome to NWFA


Welcome .
And wow Elk for your first go .
That's a big deal and I mean big.
Hopefully you find a few friends.
Because .
You will need them and they will use you.
To help pack elk meat out of a HUGE MOUNTAIN DITCH.


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