New 338 Edge build & Range report

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by P7id10T, Jun 24, 2015.

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    I sold my motorcycle and 338 Lapua to pay off medical bills, and have been jonesin' for both ever since, real bad. The ELR build came first.

    Took an old Savage 7mm Rem and built a 338 Edge.
    McGowen Barrel & nut, 28" Stainless, Savage Heavy Varmint profile, 1:9 twist. Had them thread the end.
    5 Port Muzzle Brake from Muzzle Brakes & More (Ross Shuyler / Nathan Wright) Great guys!
    Choate Varmint Stock from ER Shaw, Choate stock extension from Brownells to give me a 14-1/2" LOP
    PT & G heavy recoil lug & Blackhawk 20MOA rail from Midway

    Original cost of Savage: $300
    All other parts: $965
    Scope is Leupold VX7L on Badger Ord 34mm High profile rings.

    Fully built with scope, weighs 13.5#

    Special Tools Needed:
    Barrel Wrench $40
    Barrel Vise $50 from Grizzly
    PT&G Go gauge (to make it a NOGO, I used a 0.004" piece of cellophane tape on the end. It works!), also from Grizzly, $30
    Dies: 375 RUM case sizer, 338 RUM bullet seater, $40 for both from Gunstop.

    A buddy gave me 75 of his 300 RUM once-fired brass. :p

    Had all the parts within 2 weeks. Because of my travel schedule, it took me 3 months to build.

    As it looked yesterday after the trip to TCGC:

    I worked up a bunch of loads using Hornady 250 gr SPs & H870. Bore sighted it at 50 yards. Took 2 shots at 100 yards, moved the POI up ~5" and then took another 15 shots. The target here has all 17 shots taken at 100.

    The ring in the photo is 1" OD 20150623_232032.jpg

    I was pleased. Now to work up more loads, and move it to 600 yards.
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  2. Tbucket

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    I really enjoy my 300 U.M. and just picked up a 338 U.M. that I have yet to take out. If it shoots as well as my 300 I will be a happy man. Very nice build you did and at a reasonable cost.

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    i loved my lapua.. and have missed it since i sold it... thats a sharp looking rifle and great looking groups!
  4. Velzey

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    You will have no problem reaching out to 1500 with that!
    What did they charge you for the barrel?
  5. Certaindeaf

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    Awesome. I'd have to move to eastern Oregon to make my bead sighted 100yd slug gun jealous like that. lol
  6. DieselScout

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    Just curious how the shooting the edge compares to the 338LM? Also, assuming you have the capability to reload, I am assuming ammo cost is a wash?
  7. P7id10T

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    Velzey, the barrel was a pre-fit, $405, $458 including shipping. The muzzle threading delayed it one week. I fully intend to reach out to 1500, maybe I'll even break a mile.
    Diesel, I had a 110BA, IMO this one's better: 10 pounds lighter, same kick, something I intend to take into the field.
    Reloading is a push. The Edge can take ~5 grains more, but ballistically they're about the same. I'm going to work up some loads until I see pressure signs. The 93gr of H870 would have prolly given me a stuck case in the 110BA.

    I had always intended to get back into the Lapua, so I still have 300pcs brass, >500 Lapua Scenars & about 200 Berger OTMs. After shooting it yesterday, I might just sell the 416 Rigby I bought to build the Lapua on, sell the brass, and invest in a better trigger + a folding MDT Tac HS3 stock, which will save me ~2#.
    I've got all the gear to cammo paint it - just need to practice airbrush technique.
    I was also concerned about whether I should have had my action trued. Nah, the stick is already much more accurate than I am.
    On the plus, it looks like I'll be rotating in and out of a mine in Wyoming every two weeks for a while. I'll bring it along on each trip. Boss already said it was OK. o_O
  8. mjbskwim

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    Shyte,Wyoming? Boss wants to know if he wants one

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