Never did I think I would agree with bill maher

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Oregonhunter5, Oct 5, 2014.

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    Obviously not all Muslims adhere to the ideas or actions of the radicals any more than all Christians adhere to the idea that the world is only 6000 years old.

    However, it is interesting that civil rights are almost non-existent in any Islamic country but when a muslim comes to a first world country they are all about civil rights - and more to the point, you have large masses of muslims in Islamic countries cheering on such struggles and radicalism, so it is wise to be cautious.

    That said, Bill Maher is very anti-religion, as is his right.
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    I am still wading through my English translation of the koran. So far, I have the impression that "radical islam" is a redundant term.
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    Bill Maher lost me after I watched that bigoted diatribe he passes off as a documentary; "Religulous". I confess I only had the stomach for the first half, but I hardly think that anything in the second half could mitigate what I did see. I am now absolutely convinced that anything he says comes from a position of psychotic hatred.

    Ben Afleck strikes me the same way he does you. In this case, it looks to me like he was trying to inject a little reasonableness into a conversation with a person who knows only extremism and considers anything less than fawning adoration as a personal affront. Rarely works well. I think Mr. Afleck is wrong - but I respect the fact that his conclusions are drawn from reason, however errant, and not rage. A guy can work with that. BTW, I'm one of the few who actually liked Daredevil... :)

    Islam, in the context I believe is meant here, is a religion, yes, but also an economic, political, and cultural construct - a "World View", if you will. It has been the implacable enemy of Christianity (i.e.; Western Civilization, aka "us") since, what, the days of El Cid? Earlier? I'm old, things that far back get a little fuzzy... o_O A lot of ugly history since, not the least of which revolves around the creation of Israel in 1948. I don't believe that anything has come along to change the equation - the PC notion of wishing it away through the iteration of the banal liberal trifecta (tolerance, diversity, acceptance) does not change the equation. Or, more correctly perhaps, it only changes it for one side - with predictable results. We can see our future in Europe today.

    The "real" truth? Good luck on that quest... Here's a little something to get you going:
    - Who started it has long ago ceased to matter.
    - For sure and for certain they have as much reason to question us as we them.
    - Islam has penetrated Europe by Hijra (conquest by immigration) far deeper then it ever did by force of arms.
    - The likelihood of a move toward actual reconciliation is about nil, unless you're into the One World Religion aspect of Revelations - in which case things are going to get much worse.

    And here's the cosmic absurdity: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, all worship the same God. You just can't make this stuff up folks.


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    This thread will probably get 86'ed by big brother. But, my god doesn't tell me to kill people and beat women for expressing there pretty looks. The reason being, man screws things up, and god didn't get his point across to certain types. Oh well, they will realize it one day.
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    I couldn't say it better in a hundred years, nor should it need to be said, it is so *&^%$#@ obviously different from all other "religions", no one needs to say they are murdering swine, they say it over and over to great effect by their actions.
    A "Christian" who murders is not following the source documents, so is not a Christian. A "Muslim" who does not murder people in the name of his "god" is not following the source documents, so is not a muslim. What the administration calls a radical muslim is really just one who has abandoned all humanity for his moon god allah, he is a "good" muslim.

    The ones who don't murder are lukewarm.
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    Islam has been at war with humanity since the birth of their blood line starting with Ishmael. (Recorded as a mean little bastige, too)

    That was the result of Abraham laying with Hagar, when the "promise of the Lord" was through his wife, Sarah giving birth to Isaac.

    Two distinct bloodlines, one the "promised lineage" of Israel, which led to Christ and Christianity for the available redemption of mankind; the other bloodline (of Ishmael) is a stumbling block and counterfeit to deceive and obstruct as many as possible from mankind from redemption and eternal life.

    No, no they do NOT (arguably) worship the same "god"... by any means of the notion.
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    debating the supposed merits of this death cult will soon be moot, Aflect needs to get his head right or lose it
    ISIS Raises Flag Over Kurdish City of Kobane (Kobani) In Syria – Obama And Erdogan Do Nothing…
    Posted on October 6, 2014 by sundance
    update-1.gif?w=640 Reports are now surfacing that ISIS has an advantage formerly and exclusively held by Western military – night vision and laser targeting technology. Gee, I wonder where ISIS would have acquired such tactical advantage?
    Western media continue to use the term “coalition airstrikes” despite the fact not a single Arab country has assisted an attack against ISIS (in Syria) since September 21st – the first day of airstrikes (political optics

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