Nepalese .577 Snider Enfield "SPF"

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    Nepalese .577 Snider Enfield. "Sold Pending Funds"
    Rifle was manufactured sometime during the 1880's in Nepal, and is a copy of the .577 Snider Enfield 3 band rifle.
    Rifle has 36" barrel with excellent bore, strong bright rifling. Metal is in the white with patina, but no rust or pitting. Brass nose cap, buttplate, and trigger guard are patina'd.
    Wood has some worm damage at the butt.
    The firing pin is free and in good working order.
    The lock operates properly at half cock, full cock, and release.
    The snider action opens and locks as it should.

    When I received this rifle it was covered in 100 plus years of grease and dirt.
    I have cleaned it carefully without stripping, sanding, or buffing either the wood or metal.
    I did have to make repairs as follows;
    1. The stock had two cracks behind the lockplate. I glued the cracks with Gorilla glue.
    2. I epoxied a small piece of hardwood into the slot forward of the tang, and used a small amount of bedding compound to better seat the action in the stock.
    3. The lockplate threads for the side screws were stripped so I sleeved and tapped the holes with 6/32 threads.
    4. The rifle was missing one side screw, and the other was damaged so I replaced them with reproduction enfield screws threaded 6/32 to match the lockplate threads. (I will include the original screw with the sale)
    5. The muzzle crown was nicked and had some burrs. I dressed the crown just enough to remove the burrs and nicks.

    This rifle is an anitique so no FFL needed.


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