Neighbor sees 60 year old attacked and grabs his gun instead of his phone!

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by JYD911, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Neighbor sees 60 year old attacked and grabs his gun instead of his phone!

    "When a neighbor saw what was happening he jumped to action, but instead of grabbing his phone to call police, he grabbed his firearm knowing second may count. The neighbor yelled at the attackers to stop their assault on the elderly victim, and when they ignored his demand he fired at the main attacker striking him in the chest causing the men to flee."

    It bothers me when people are in trouble and others grab their phones and cameras to video instead of helping.
    How many of you would d what this neighbor did for the elderly victim?
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    I always have my phone in my pocket, but if I heard or saw something going down outside, I would stuff one of my pistols in my waistband in the small of my back. I do this sometimes when going outside if I am not sure what a noise was or one of the motion activated lights goes on (usually a dog).

    Never had to use it yet, and probably never will as stuff like that just doesn't go down where I live (on a mountain in a forest).
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    I'm fortunate enough to have very good neighbors in my area of suburbia. I'm not sure how many have firearms at the ready but I'm fairly certain if any of them saw me in an altercation, would come to my defense before calling the cops.

    I have a friend that is a local Leo up north and he is constantly reminding me that the police are there to help serve and protect but that most likely they will not show up in time to rescue me or anyone in a timely matter where a fight only lasts seconds and not minutes.
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    It is frustrating that people are either too afraid or too apathetic to get involved when someone is being threatened. If it were me, I would have had my wife call the cops and I would have gone out with both my gun and my big pepper spray bottle. Depending on the situation, my gun will always be a last resort.

    I've stepped in to situations twice - each time, I didn't have my gun on me (back before I carried regularly). One time was a fight between 2 guys. One of them was holding his young daughter and having an argument with the second guy, when the second guy lunged and threw a punch at the first - causing all 3 to go down. As the second guy (the one that threw the punch) jumped to his feet, I grabbed him from behind and locked his arms behind him, then threw him up against a fence, holding him there until he calmed down. I had him sit down until the cops got there. The second time, we were at home and heard an argument outside. The 16-year-old neighbor girl was in a very loud argument with her boyfriend, and he was getting violent, including kicking over part of the fence. It looked like he was going to hit her, so I ran out there and got in-between the two. The kid squared off against me and started calling me every name in the book, I just stared him down and told him it was time for him to leave. He threatened to hit me, I said go ahead and try. After another moment, Mr. Big Man backed his punk a$$ down and left in his car. When the girl's father got home, we had to calm him down as he was ready to grab his gun and go find the loser and put and end to him. In the end, calmer heads prevailed and little boy never returned.

    I can't stand just standing by when there is something I know I can do. But that said, I do try to assess the risk to me or to my family before I get involved. My first duty is to protect them and not to do something that will introduce a threat to them.
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    I guess what gets me in this post is the idea of it being an either/or scenario. My opinion is that any civilian acting in a self defense role will be best served by being the first on the phone with the police. The second part is that you do not know what you are stepping into. In the OP case we have some details, but not all, so I cannot issue a proper opinion. It seems from the details available that the guy made the right decision and I really hope this works out okay for him. However, as a general idea I feel it will always be best to be on the phone with the police, when possible, before shots are fired.

    The phrase "No good deed goes unpunished" comes to mind.
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    You make a great point, but in this case I think the neighbor may have had a pretty good idea what was going on. If I saw three guys beating on my 60 year old neighbor I'd know right away what to do - he's the nicest guy you could ever meet and wouldn't start a physical altercation.
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    A libtard goes for the phone.
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    hmmmm and if the 60 yeare old (not really that old) was a meth dealer on the sly and the three goons were clients he 'short sheeted', then what.

    Extremists go for their guns.

    Whichever option is chosen, you are responsible for your actions, reactions, and inactions. Though I think going for the gun is going to usually cost you a lot of money for legal fees, unless you are foolish enough to use a gun and not retain an attorney and keep your mouth shut.
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    When did the age of 60 become 'elderly'?
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    No kidding , I know at least three 60 yr old folks who will help you pick up your teeth for calling them " elderly "
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    my co-workers who are in 60's work like they are in 20's. I highly respect them.

    unless you know the whole situation, it's hard to engage with deadly force. it might bite back at you.
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    I thought you're only supposed to leave someone out to dry if it's in NYC.. and it's a female screaming her guts out in the hallway in the middle of the night for a couple hours. at least I think that's SOP from what I heard anyway
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