Negligent discharge video (in the leg)

I expected this to be about one of the holsters that has the index (trigger) finger trip the release as was being discussed in a thread earlier today.
While he didn't really blame the holster, I would be as cautions about this type of holster as I am about the one that uses the trigger finger to trip the release. I'd just as soon not have anything that forced me to have the thumb near the safety on a cocked and locked pistol or the finger near the trigger. It would just be too easy for something bad to happen.
I carry a cocked and locked 1911 as a primary pistol and am just stating my opinion. That's all it is, my opinion.
That said, I'll bet that hurt like crazy!
When I first started getting back into pistols my finger loved to gravitate toward the trigger. Hard to get into the habit of not putting my finger into the trigger guard. So I actually took an unloaded/checked G17 and got into the habit of holding it while walking around the house with my index finger up high, straight, and out of the trigger/guard. (Live alone, no biggee). Did this for a long time until my hand naturally picks it up with my finger extended and away from the trigger. I thank the people who have helped me with that and after watching this video I give them a triple thank you.

That said, if I ever shot myself and it wasn't too bad - a flesh wound - I'd probably slink away and not say anything rather than suffer the embarrassment of the situation.
That looks like it must've hurt like crazy! Cool he has the guts to post it and admit it was his fault and a ND.
I grew up without being aware of rule #3 like Noisycow mentioned. Eventually I have ingrained in my head to always index my finger alongside the frame and keep it out of the trigger guard until the sights arrive on target. I hope I can avoid ever shooting myself but like he alluded in the video, even after thousands of draws it only takes one slip up to injure yourself or worse.
Props for saying it was his fault. But should have practiced with snap caps until he learns the holsters. Oh my expensive bill and hope he has insurance.

Plus who shoots a target from 6"? I don't get that.
I agree and Serpas suck!!!!
I never understood that complaint about the serpas. When I release it and draw it indexes my trigger finger perfectly alongside the frame, not in the trigger guard. Took me about 2 whole practice draws to get used to. Where else does your trigger finger go when drawing from any other holster? Mine goes in the same place on all holsters I've used.
Agree that this is not a Serpa problem but a training problem. I use a Serpa and a Bladetech. The Serpa is my preferred holster and as the post above says, the trigger finger is properly placed straight as the gun comes out. An ND on reholstering worries me more and that is why the Serpa is preferred - the gun slides in without the friction of a compression holster.


A huge kudo to him for posting this video - that took ballz.
I am sure we all know better. I am also sure he knew better. We can all learn from others mistakes - if we are still open to learning. Pretty easy to call him an idiot - but also pretty easy to see that this could happen to just about anybody.
The design requires pressure from the index finger in the direction of the trigger, under stress there is entirely too much possibility to inadvertently press the trigger.
would that not be true on all or any holsters?
how many grew up playing cops n robbers cowboys and indians and the firts thing you did was put your
finger IN the trigger?
the only way a gun can shoot (besides it dropping and maybe having a AD)
is YOUR finger IN and ON the trigger, you dont have it in you cant shoot it's that simple


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