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    Ok, I have just purhcased a savage hs precision .308, short action. I am going to put a leupold mark 4 with 30mm tube on it. I was originally going to use Leupold rings and bases but was talking to a sniper who recommended Larue rings and bases, maybe Badger Ordnance. My question is does anyone know which would be better and why? Also which model (#,make,etc) would fit on the savage. One of the Larue has a 20moa cant to it, I have a general understanding of the cant but not sure if I need it. Again thanks for all of your help....
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    The 20 MOA angle on the mount can be useful if you are going to shoot long range, 500 yards plus. Some scopes do not have the vertical range of adjustment to get the scope on at long distance. I have a 20 MOA rail on my Remington 700 and have no problem getting a zero at 100 yards as well as 600.

    I am using Warne rings on my bolt gun. It seems to hold zero very well. The Warne rings are not the easiest to install, but seem to hold well. I am sure others will have more to say about high end tactical rings.

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