Need to re-create protective layer on cylinder of S&W 442

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by beararms5000, May 30, 2009.

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    My girlfriend's gun is an S&W 442. It looks like stainless steel but is definitely a 442, implying that it was re-finished aftermarket or that it was one of the special-run e-nickel plated 442s from the factory.

    When we purchased it, it still had an intact, black coating over the front of the cylinder and the part of the frame facing the cylinder and several cleanings with break free and trips to the range left this layer intact. Then I used Gunscrubber and the layer abraded a little during cleaning and the next trip to the range it was gone in places, leaving behind a surface that looks like bare metal.

    I have since learned from a little Googling not to use Gunscrubber on these things. But now that it's done, I need to know how to restore the anodizing and it's protective coating. Can I do this myself? With what? What would a Seattle-area gunsmith charge to do this for me and who would everyone recommend? Is it safe to shoot in it's current condition? None of the mechanics appear damaged but I don't want it to wear significantly before I can get a chance to repair the damage.
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    I don't have one, but I have heard many times about this problem. You are not alone. The CW from the guys who "know" is to skip it - it's more a cosmetic finish than protective - the gun underneath is alloy and it will not rust or anything. Just take it all off so the appearance is uniform and forget about it.

    Now I know a crapload about S&W revolvers, but as I said I don't own one of this particular J frame. But I heard this from guys who know about four or five craploads more than I do, so I BELIEVE them when they say these things.

    The other thing you could try is call S&W CS and tell them it started peeling. They have GREAT customer service and may take it back and re-apply it, or they may not. But if it REALLY bugs you, you might try that first. As far as finding someone locally to replace it, I seriously doubt it. I can't even find anyone locally to do hot blue, and I've been looking 1.5 years or more. There is a guy, who posts here, who has a good reputation for parkerizing, gunkoting, and maybe he also Hardchrome's. he posts here and he's up in Bonney Lake or nearby - someone here will know who I am talking about. I haven't used him, but I hear he's good. Willamette Valley down near Portland and Greene's in Oak Harbor WA do blue and other finishes, but as far as that clear coat, as far as I know that is proprietary S&W on those alloy revolvers.

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