Need straight scoop on BSA Sweet17 scope

Discussion in 'Gear & Accessories' started by Friskyou, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Friskyou

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    I am thinking about buying a BSA sweet 17 to put on my Savage 17HMR. The reviews are mixed from "junk" to "great scope". I am looking for some info from those who own or have owned them. Do they hold zero, are the hazy, are the older ones better or worse then the newer ones. My 3x9 Bush works fine but the trajectory comp part of the BSA sounds handy. What does everyone think?? Thanks!
  2. mattt

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    I only used the bullet drop comp a couple times, but it seemed to work well. As far as optical quality, it was as good as the other scopes in that price range.
  3. Dan-Dee Sales Inc

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    We have sold them for years. I cannot remember any coming back for problems. The old models were for the most part less than $100. This years models were updated and the price reflects that. They are now mid $100's. They do work pretty well from our customer feedback. They are not a VX3 but for the money, they seem to work well. They removed the adj objective on the end of the scope and now use a side focus. They also only use one turret drum as it has multiple windows for the different bullet weights.
  4. das_napeth

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    I can't say for sure about the BSA but I had wondered about it myself. My father-in-law has a Barska .17 scope in 6-18. I zeroed at 100 and moved back to 200 and first shot managed to hit a clay pigeon. I realize hitting a 4.5 inch target at 200 isn't a thing to brag about but I only measured with 300ft. tapes and uphill and downhill so I was glad to hit it cause i'm not sure about real distance. Quality is less than stellar and would prefer the BSA but it does its job.
  5. Dyjital

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    I went shooting one day so far with my BSA. Drop compensation wasn't really an issue from 0-100 yards.

    I did appreciate the range that you can keep your eye from the scope. The Focus ability was also great at determining the distance of objects (left side nob).

    I purchased it based upon my cousins research. I hadn't heard of them before aside from a BSA laser for the XD40

    Bi-Mart has them for $119 (that's where I bought mine)

    I have read that some people hate it because they say it's hard to adjust, zero in etc. Not true. I had it within 1/2" @ 50 in 20 rounds after the bore sight.
  6. Ben Holloway

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    no problem with mine, holds zero just fine and I think it cost me about 54 bucks from an online store


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