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took this from another forum and wanted to help the poster out. Any input info on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

find me info on these 2 revolvers.

#1 is an iver johnson model 1900 double action. serial is 5453. those are the only markings i can find on it. 5 shot, small caliber (can't tell if it's 22 or 32). grips seem to be plastic. pics:
View attachment 198605

View attachment 198606

#2 is a mystery. british bull-dog. can't find any serial, grips are wood. only markings i can fild are ELG over star and star over Z. i know with the bull dogs, star over S usually meant modifications. but i don't know what star over Z is, nor do i know anything about the gun. pics:
View attachment 198607

View attachment 198608

View attachment 198609
on your second gun, it is a British bulldog, made in Belgiam at the Liege plant from 1968-??. The proof mark can be seen here:
Gun Barrel Proof Marks

Although not this exact model, look at weapon #276 and 611 on this page...very close likeness, earlier version though:
<broken link removed>

I will research more in a bit on the other pistol...
The 1900 was made in .32s&w in the 5 shot they are 6 1/8 " overall and 12oz.
The .38 is 6 3/4 long and 18oz.

the .22 was 7 shot as well as the .32long was 6 shot.

produced 1900-1941
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