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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Stack, Apr 26, 2014.

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    I'm looking to get into hunting. For several reasons (not least of which is the fact that I already own a couple of older rifles in the same caliber), I'd like to acquire a hunting rifle in .30-06. Thing is, I'm more used to shooting handguns than rifles, especially non-tactical rifles.

    I have read a little about the Ruger American, and of course am aware of the Remington 700+ series of rifles. My budget only allows for somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 - $400, which I don't think should be an impossible number?

    I'm a very decent shot (not an expert), and would like a rifle that will outshoot me by a bit so I have some room for improvement.

    I'd appreciate any thoughts y'all would like to offer. I don't really get involved in discussions around here because I don't often have knowledge to add. I've learned a lot in my lurking, though, and I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks for your time.
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    See if you can find a Marlin XL7. Picked one up locally on sale for $249.95 a few months back and have been very pleased with it. Mine is chambered for .270 Win, but I like it better than the Ruger American or Savage Axis. I may even grab one in .308 Win. If I can find one with the 26" heavy barrel. has the 30-06 in stock for $330 plus shipping.
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    No specific recommendation. Go to gun shops and handle and mount various rifles. Get an idea of what features you like. You will soon notice that some rifles "fit" you much better than others. You will certainly shoot a rifle that feels made for you better than one that feels like a club in your hands! Good luck finding your rifle. SRG
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    I would agree with Sgt Nambu, see what fits you. I recently bought a Remington 783 in 30-06 for my son and I must say I'm impressed with the accuracy and feel of the rifle at a inexpensive price
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    Rifle only in that price range is doable, but not with a good scope.

    I am waiting for the all weather ruger american for this next season, or an axis in a boyds stock if i dont like the feeling of the american in my hands.

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