Need (Small Pistol, Small Pistol Magnum, Large Pistol Primers) Will trade PMAGS

Discussion in 'Ammunition Wanted' started by JE3146, Jan 21, 2013.

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  1. JE3146

    Tigard, OR
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    I got into reloading around Thanksgiving and was totally caught off guard by the lack of supplies come Christmas. So I'm hoping to trade for some primers.

    I badly need the following:

    1000 Small Pistol primers (CCI only) - Pending Trade
    500 Small Pistol Magnum primers (Winchester, Remington, Federal, or CCI is fine) - Sourced Some
    1000 Large Pistol primers (CCI only)- Pending Trade

    Got all the primers I need for now. Thank you!

    Relatively new stock, or well kept primers please.

    I have 5 FDE Pmags, 3 are new not in wrap. 2 are barely used with some minor insertion marks. I can also sub these out for USGI's + $ if you'd prefer.

    I will trade:

    1 pmag per 500 primers. (5 mags, 2500 primers in total)

    All at once, or 500 at a time, don't matter. I just don't want to drive too far. Preference will go to those who can provide more at once.

    I am located in Tigard, OR.

    I have 31 positive feedback on and can show you my profile there. I just made an account here because it's easier to find local primers :)

    Photo here.
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  2. Trailboss

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    I have you covered with these. Have 1,000 of each Small Pistol and Large Pistol, both CCI, both kept in ammo can with silica gel. Perfect.

    PM incoming
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