Need opinions on the Aero Precision OEM 16 inch rifle???

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Lance Jacobs, Jul 9, 2016.

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    I keep seeing this ad from Brownells pop up on this website for the Aero Precision OEM 5.56mm 16 inch rifle, so I finally clicked on the ad to take a look at it today.

    What do you think of this deal? I keep hearing great things about Aero Precision products, but their only product that I currently own is their lightweight scope mount, which I have installed on both of my AR rifles. But that is the extent of my experience with their products. I really don't need another AR for myself, but I have a friend interested in getting one now because of all the threats of an Assault Gun ban being made by politicians this year, and I am thinking about recommending this deal to him.

    I find this offer intriguing, as you basically get the entire base rifle for only $559. The 16 inch barrel has a mid-length gas system, which I have heard so many claim is better than a carbine length gas system. The package does leave off the stock and the handguard. But to me, that seems like a plus. For those are two items that I ended up replacing on both of my AR's anyway. With this rifle, one could add the specific stock and handguard that you like the most, and still come away with a real affordable rifle, yet also customized to your preferences too.

    But again, I don't personally have any experience myself with their rifles. Can anyone with some actual experience with their rifles convince me that this would indeed be a good package to recommend?? I see that it gets a really high 4.9 out of 5.0 review score on the Brownells website, which is also impressive.

    The other factor that I like about Aero Precision is that they are based right here in the Pacific Northwest. And I always like to buy from and refer others to local companies whenever possible, when they have a good competitive product.

    So what does everyone think of this deal? Is it indeed a good solid value at the current $559 sale price? Would I be safe in recommending it?

    5.56MM NATO OEM Mid-Length 16" Rifle : OEM MID-LENGTH 16" RIFLE | Brownells (

    Here is a video overview of the rifle from Brownells:

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  2. NWCustomFirearms

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    I've used several Aero Precision lowers and uppers on several rifles with good luck. I've shot several others without issue. We sell their stripped lowers/uppers as fast as I can get them in.
  3. clearconscience

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    I did two aero upper/lower builds and love them.
    So much so that I order a upper/lower for an AR10 build.
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    Plus one...I built my carbine starting with an Aero lower, very nice quality. Just bought the lightweight scope mount, also quality.
    I am looking at starting a three0eight build with mostly their products.

    Brutus out
  5. ghostcell


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    Aero Precision is really good and their customer service is really good as well. I bought and M4E1 Upper and some 15" M LOK hand guards to match and for some reason the holes weren't lining up. I called Aero, they gave me a shipping label and I sent it back. They replaced the out of spec upper, installed the hand guards and sent it all back within a week.

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