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Need Help With My Scanner...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Squigz, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Squigz

    Squigz Portland Member

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    So I just bought a radio shack scanner pro-164, and I dont think Im getting the most out of my scanner. So i was wondering if any of you out there have some good frequencies for Clackamas county, Multnomah county , Portland PD and so on and so fourth. The frequencies that was loaded on my scanner seems to be ok but I dont think Im getting everything, and would love to... thanks again
  2. John Gault

    John Gault clackamas county Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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  3. The Quiet Man

    The Quiet Man rural Washington County, Oregon Active Member

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    Excellent advice to learn about how trunked systems work. Radioreference is the best. Trunked systems can be a handful to get programmed properly. Fortunately, the Pro-164 firmware can be updated to support rebanding if this one isn't already. Study and understand the manual. Your scanner is a pretty complex little box of electronics. Once you understand how trunked systems work, what's on them, and how to program your scanner you might want to buy the most recent Northwest Frequency Directory at Ham Radio Outlet or on the web at www.scannerstuff.com Then you can really start to enjoy what your new scanner will do. :)
  4. HahnsXD

    HahnsXD Battle Ground WA Active Member

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    +1 on radioreference. Get the subscription and get the correct software for your scanner, you'll then be able to download systems directly off the RR server onto your computer where you can manipulate them then download them onto your scanner. Much faster than manually programming your scanner since there are typically dozens of talkgroups per system.