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Need help with browning a bolt 308 win


Just going thru my safe and tucked in the back is a browning a-bolt medallion chambered in 308 win with boss. I am trying to find out how many were approximately made . I can not find a single one for sale anywhere. Browning's only info is the boss was over kill for 308 and only made in 94 with exception of special offerings in the eclipse etc . Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance


If your interest toward finding quantity made is toward a collector's attraction to the gun, I'm not sure there's a "A-bolt Collector's Society" in existence. Yes, there are Browning collectors but for that gun to interest them to a great degree (even if production is minimal) it would have to be NIB.

If you are wondering about the BOSS (Ballistic Optimization Shooting System I believe), it was a resurrected idea that had seen the light of day (and faded away) more than once.

The concept is this: install a counterweight at the end of the barrel with adjustment included that would "tame", or "harmonize" barrel vibrations in order that the rifle could be "tuned" to shoot ANY load well. Does it really work? Well....

Yes, or it would not keep coming back like a bad penny or a background artist in The Walking Dead. The better question (and what more than once has made the idea fade away) is "Is it practical"?

Very nearly anyone who is even aware of barrel vibration as it relates to accuracy also likes to experiment with different loads (sometimes for accuracy and sometimes for application reasons according to game to be hunted, or both)

Bob is a guy who read somewhere about barrel vibrations but for various reasons despite that knowledge does not handload or accurize his rifles ( bedding, trigger improvements, etc.) He goes to the local Mega-Mart and buys better than average ammo, always the same brand and always the same weight and style of bullet (again he read somewhere that this is a good idea). He also is a subscriber to the belief that "gadgets get the game" and would have adjustment dials on his knife if they were offered. He proudly benches his rifle and definitely sees improvements (over the initial results with factory ammo) on the paper when he spins the dial back and forth on his recently purchased BOSS. He burns a box or two of his favorite "store-bought recipe" while tuning in to his favorite radio station of accuracy.

For Bob, the BOSS not only works, it is eminently practical.

Ben is a guy who shoots his deer rifle at a cardboard box 3 days before season opens with a partial box of garage-sale factory loads that he brags has lasted him 4 years now, and he's killed 3 deer by this system.

For Ben, the BOSS is just one more thing he'd have to worry about instead of more important things like how much beer is left in camp..

Bill is a guy who knows precisely how and why barrel vibrations affect accuracy. With a new gun he almost always modifies it somehow to improve on accuracy, along with handload experimentation toward the same end. His rifle might see more than one purpose and therefore may be called upon to shoot different loads, different bullets, etc. depending on application. Bill finely tunes not only his rifle (unto itself) but his ammunition as well. He proudly arrives at very good accuracy by these methods that could hardly be improved upon by installation of a BOSS: he has dealt with barrel vibration completely and effectively by his avenues of approach to the problem. He is allowed to change and develop his (new) load to shoot well in a rifle that is prepared to do such.

For Bill, the BOSS makes absolutely no sense at all. (For the same reason you never see a BOSS in a benchrest competition.)

Besides, Bill doesn't like the appearance of a donkey phallus on the end of his nicely contoured barrel.

Hence the demise (once again) of the BOSS concept. Wait a few years and the stone will once again be moved off the tomb.


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