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    So I'm very interesting in getting my hands on k98. However, trying to sort out what is worth getting and what isn't is quite confusing. My primary purpose is to get a rifle that I can shoot and enjoy. What I'm mostly looking for is a historical experience. Getting a true historical gun is somewhat secondary.

    What I don't want to do, is get scammed. Or pay well above its worth.

    I've been looking at lots of resources trying to educate myself. What I really haven't found is a good price guide. Any help in this area would be great.
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    The price guide I go by as a general guide is Standard Catalog of Military Firearms 7th Edition by Phillip Peterson. I picked my copy up at Powell's Books.

    There is also The K98 Forum to check out.

    K98 Mausers are some of the most humped rifles with fakes abounding; some very convincing and others laughably obvious. It's a buyer beware market out there so do extensive research.
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    You might want to check out at H&K gun shop in Forest grove. Probably worth a call to see if he has one in stock. I dont think he tracks stuff down though if he does not have it.

    But, he knows his stuff very well. even time I go in I get a great lesson about something. Last time he was showing me the differences between a very well maintained and original springfield Krag and one that was quite modified from original and what to look for with side by side comparisons. I would also not expect him to be gouging on prices. He's a gunsmith as well

    Plus, he probably has owned every collector firearm at one point or another.

    Even if he did not have one, you could ask him what to look for and he could probably go on for an hour or so chatting about them,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x5b702f6acbf8a386
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