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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by RedneckRampage, Feb 12, 2014.

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    A co-worker is wanting to sell two old guns he has. I agreed to help him, but these guns he brought me are pretty old, and I don't know anything about them, not can I find much info.

    First one - Savage Super Sporter .30-06, has 4 digit serial number (9xx2), forend is cracked, but still usable, stock has dings also and metal butt plate. No rust, but not much bluing left. Has a Bushnell Banner 3-9x on it and open sights. Also has broken shell extractor.

    Second one - Springfield/Savage Model 67D 12Ga. Stock has scratches and dings. Bluing is good but has wear. 2 3/4" chamber, about a 28" plain bead sight barrel.

    Both guns seem to function well but I haven't shot them. I'm looking for some kinda idea on values to start at. I was guessing about $300 on the rifle and $175 on the shotgun, am I close?
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    The Super Sporter is known as the Model 45. You might be able to get $300 for the Super Sporter, but only if it still has the factory peep sight, is on nice shape and with no mods (scope mount holes, etc.). The crack in the forend won't help , either. Very good guns, but not much interest.
    It'll probably sell in the $200 range.
    From what I can tell from the Blue Book, you're a little high on the shotgun, too, but that's all up to whoever might be interested in it.:s0155:

    Pictures would help a lot.
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    Yeah, I want to see photos of that Savage shotgun.
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    On the Sporter your fighting an uphill battle. The action on that rifle was really built for calibers with pressures like the 30-30 not a full on long range cartridge like the 30-06. They are known for having head spacing problems and even bent actions if fired enough.

    The shotgun is a $150-175.00 gun depending on condition. Just no real interest. A truck gun.

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