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I've been kind of kicking the idea of getting a suppressor around for a while now and was just wondering what everyone thought about this subject. I've been thinking about 3 5.56 cans either the AAC Ranger 2, Gem-Tech Trek, or the YHM Phantom. I was planning on using a can mainly to play around with a 5.45 AR and a .22lr 10/22, but would also like to be able to mount on a .223 varmint AR for hunting purposes. Ideally I'd like to be able to have a suppressor with a repeatable POI shift/decent noise reduction, but also is durable enough for prolonged use. I like the idea of the quick attach option, but find myself having a hard time choking-down $80-90 per attachment mount, how much of pain in the *** is cranking-off a AR flash-suppressor for each use?
If you are going to get a 5.56 can, don't shoot .22LR through it. The lead .22 rounds will leave a builld up of lead in the can. A jacketed 5.56 or 5.45 round will only leave gun powder that is easier to clean out.

I would only shoot .22 through a silencer that you can take apart to clean. .22 generally uses pretty dirty powder and the lead vaporizes and deposits on the inside of the can and builds up pretty quickly.
My vote goes for the AAC can. I haven't tried a Ranger 2, but the M4/SPR is pretty much the coolest can you can possibly buy. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and have inconel baffles that will outlast the life of your gun. For a bit more you could get the M4-1000 that has a QD mount for AAC's flash hiders and muzzle brakes.
The copper colored 22lr I have seen is merely plating which probably does not prevent leading. Here is one company that makes jacketed 22lr, but I have not heard of anyone who has used it and the webpage has little info on it. <broken link removed>

Well I finally broke down and made a decision. I ended up going with an older Gemtech M4-02 mainly because it was very close to the other models that I was looking at as far as function, features and price range and because of the fact that my local class 3 dealer has one in stock. I was reading the Gemtech operators manual I got off their website and apparently they actually RECOMMEND using standard velocity .22lr rounds in order to achieve better sound reduction. Thanks to everyone for the info and insights. :s0155:
I' d pass on a .223 can. Most first time buyers regret their .223 purchase as they realize its not quiet. At best a .223 can is as quiet as a .22 rimfire rifle with hi-velocity ammo. At over 3,000fps there will still be major sonic crack. You'll be very happy with a .22 rimfire can like the SilencerCo Sparrow or SWR Spectre. If you wanna suppress your centerfire pistols then the best can ever made is the SilencerCo Osprey 45. It works great and quiet. Multi-caliber too with additional pistons.:cool:
Get a Spectre .... they are great! (.17 thru 5.7)

Out of curiousity, do you or anyone else have experience with the Spectre? I ask because I'm debating on that or the AAC Element for my P22. I'm already mid-process (ATF is reviewing, aka earning interest on my money) for the M4-2000 I bought for my LWRC.

The Spectre seems to offer a lot more value, but I'm a fan of everything I've researched on AAC (which was why they were the choice for the rifle.) I'm just curious if anyone has any experience with SWR products, and the Spectre in particular.
Don't use .223 suppressor on a .22 because it is too heavy. and getting a dedicated .223 can is also stupid because you should get a .30 cal can you can use on .308 and .223...

If price is your reason talk to hairtrigger for a .308 and get a decent price on a .22 dedicated can.

I have both in may safe For $960 after tax stamps.

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