Need help IDing Walther PPK

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    I recently acquired a Walther PPK in excellent condition. Here is a rundown on the markings:
    Left side of slide: Walther banner, 1st line: Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis (Thur.) Mod. PPK. 2nd line: Walther's patent Cal 7.65 m/m
    Right side of slide: Looks like eagle over N.
    Sights are milled into the frame, not adjustable rear. Front of muzzle at top has a small hole !! 90 degree safety. Slide is complete and clean, light peppery pitting, not deep, slight blueing wear on sharp edges.

    Frame: Serial number 9477xx on the right side by the trigger guard. Only other mark are the number 41 stamped on the extreme lower left side under grip. Grips are the mottled brown/black (rather ugly) and in great shape. What looks like a crack appears to be a molding defect, not a crack. This gun retains about 95 % of it's original finish. Has the slotted lanyard, also.

    Barrel: Super bore and mirror chamber. Mainspring feels a little weaker than my PPK/S .380, but they are cheap and available. Comes with one 7 round Walther mag w/flat bottom.

    I am trying to come up with a fair trade value for this gun, if I decide to sell. I have searched the internet and the serial number shows somewhere in 1936. If you have knowledge of these Walthers, please contact me. I appreciate you assistance. ppk1.jpg ppk002.jpg ppk001.jpg
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