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Buster Beaver Cerakote
So, I bought this wallet quite a few years ago up at Whistler. It has a money clip for the bills and a pocket for DL/CC/Etc.

I carry my wallet in my front pocket so having the slimline wallet is ideal and due to the space limitations of it, keep me from filling it up with a bunch of junk (which I did when I used a normal wallet in my back pocket).

Well, the wallet I have is nearing the end of it's lifespan (literally falling apart at the seams) after 10 years and I cannot seem to locate one like it (if I found the same brand again, I would buy a few of them they are so convenient).

The construction is nylon. There is no tag in the inside. Anyone know what brand or where to get one (or a few) of these? I'm not likely going back to Whistler any time soon...

Thanks in advance!

- Netsecsys
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