Need gunsmith for a few guns in portland area, 1 easy, 1 impossible to find parts

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Gunsmithing' started by MinnesotaORnewbie, Mar 8, 2011.

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    hey all, live in the portland area, and i have two shotguns that need some minor work. Both are relatively cheap guns but not ready to throw them in the garbage. First one is a Charles Daly Field semi- auto 12 gauge 3 inch, stamped Field and also KBI - HBG PA Made in hold off any un needed posts, it was bought at a auction for $40:bluelaugh: It is a great gun for duck hunting and not caring if it ever sinks. The Operating handle broke off and parts are about impossible to find on the net.

    2nd, mossberg 835 ulti-mag, big, heavy, and goes bang. dad bought it for me when i was 16. It shoots most of the time but sometimes fails to eject shells, and has had a few shells not fire, i believe because the firing pin is not hitting it hard enough.
    Would love to find a good smith that people on the forum would recommend for honesty, price, craftmanship and willing to work on these two duds. I know the charles daly will not be easy finding the parts. Gander Mountain in MN gave up after three months.
    Any help would be awesome, thanks guys,
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    There is a new Blackhawk shop in Salem, the owner is an ex seal member, shop tech's are Marines if you care to make the drive. They do Class 3 as well from what I was told.

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