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I finished my silencer education video on House bill 1604 (to allow silencer use) and will start sending them out to the Representatives in Olympia soon.

You can view it here on Youtube. YouTube - firearm ed 7A.mpg part 1 and YouTube - firearm ed 7B.mpg part 2.

There are 147 Representatives and Senators to contact about the bill and send a DVD. While I am prepared to send a DVD and letter to all of them, it would make a better impression if they got a letter and DVD from a person in their own district. If anyone wants a copy of the DVD, I will send it to you. If you are able to make copies and send out more than just to your own Representatives, then that is even better.

I do not really know if this DVD will make a difference, but I am tired of just writing letters and e-mail. Setting up meetings is a long process as it seems few Representatives want to meet and discuss this bill. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Randy Bragge

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