Need advice, Trust or Stamp?

Discussion in 'NFA Weapon Discussion' started by vertical ascent, Apr 2, 2014.

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    Good evening all,

    I am asking suggestion as far which avenue I should approached. Since the SBR was signed into law today here in Washington state. (Appreciate all the legwork from the individuals that made this happen). I planned of making 3 SBR rifles and perhaps a suppressor for 2 rifles and a pistol. Essentially having 5 stamps.

    Which would be the most efficient route that I should take? Trust or stamp?

    Any lawyers specializing in trusts here in WA state and dealers using e-form (I am aware this has been discussed, just want to consolidate these questions for everyone) specifically in SW Washington?

    Thank you all
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    Trust or stamp? You might want to do a bit more reading on the NFA and it's processes. You'll get a stamp for each item registered whether it's to an INDIVIDUAL or TRUST.

    But the answer to your question is really a personal one. Do you have family members that you'd like to have access to the items? Would you be passing the items down to someone when you pass? If yes to either, them a trust may be beneficial. Also, currently, the wait times are considerably shorter when submitting forms by e-file.

    The LEOs around here don't seem to have any issue signing off on the form 1/4s, which in some areas is the main reason people use trusts.
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    To clarify the above post, only Trusts are being processed by e-File at this time. The last I saw, e-File forms were being processed about 7 months faster than paper-filed applications.
    A good place for research is the website NFA Tracker.
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    I got my last paper form 1 back after 9.5 months a few days ago. I e-filed back in November and have yet to see any change in status on another form 1.

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    I have three stamps that I attained with my trust, can't imagine any other way. No fingerprints, no CLEO issues, very simple and straight forward.

    I got my trust from these guys, had it notarized at my bank. I have the Bronze trust now, will upgrade it and list all my hardware at some point to ensure my two boys get the full benefit of my collection when I check out. Easy to recommend these guys:
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    go with trust so you can efile, i've also dealth with Joe at Cross Roads and he efiles

    off topic: also recieved my form1 a few days ago too, just waiting for a supressor build party to come around, if and when anyone is holding one :)

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