Need .308 Win Brass. Have lots of choices!!

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    Hi everyone, I am after some .308 Winchester brass.
    Prefer once fired, but if its good quality brass, ill go for it.

    Highly prefer .308, not 7.62x51!!!

    Now, what I can offer you:
    Once fired Blazer Brass .38 Special brass, 76 count.
    Once fired Blazer Brass, Speer, and Winchester .40 S&W brass 148 count.

    Once fired .45 ACP brass, mainly Federal AE, but some Blazer Brass. I have lots, willing to part with SOME of it.
    Once fired 9mm brass, mainly Blazer Brass, but possibly some assorted PMC/Fiochi/Winchester. Again, I have lots, willing to part with SOME of it.

    Once fired Lake City 5.56mm Brass also available.

    Will consider cash price, but contact through PM/Email to make your offer.

    Bottom line: Make me an offer. Looking for anywhere from 20-200 pieces of .308 brass.

    Email or PM, either is cool!!

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    Is need a positive word? If so, are you coming to the Portland/Vancouver area any time soon?
    I can help. PM or email me at Thanks, Sandy
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