Need 10/22 expert in or near Portland


Pumped more than a few bricks of ammo through my Ruger 10/22 since 1986, easily 100,000+ rounds. Now it's tired and misfeeds about 10% no matter how clean and slick I keep it.

Advice and diagnoses abound. Suppose I could replace the innards piece by piece and hope to eliminate an undefined combination of flaws... But my repair and tune-up skills are more with used electric guitars than with semi-auto guns. I don't want to waste the summer (and money) swapping everything out and still have a sluggish 10/22.

So, who's THE EXPERT in Portland to diagnose it one time, repair it, and make my not-so-trusty plinker fresh and reliable (fun) again? Thanks for any tips.
Clean the gun good. Then look up online for a good write up on mag cleaning, or go buy a new factory mag. The after market mags have a shelf life and the factory mags need to be cleaned after time. The recoil spring next if the mag clean does not help.

Like mentioned above a new recoil spring is probably a good idea. I have had great results with the Tubb 2000 and Rimfire Technology spring. While you are at it, stick a Volquartsen extractor in there. Check the mouth of the chamber for any burrs as well. Working on a 10/22 is fairly simple. Check out There is plenty of good info on that site that will walk you through just about anything.


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