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Neck sizing question

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by cuesandmore, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. cuesandmore

    cuesandmore Western OR New Member

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    Was talking to a good reloading friend of mine today, and he posed a question that I haven't a clue how to answer. He has no internet access, so I said I would ask the world of knowledge that you all have.

    He wants to neck size .223 down to .17 HMR to get away from the rimfire cartridges.

    He has been reading in reloading books to find the right procedure, but I told him of the millions of dollars of advice that I have gained from the forums and said I would ask.

    What you all think?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. nixuser

    nixuser nw Member

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  3. Zak

    Zak Snohomish County New Member

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    Sounds like the .17-223 (wildcat) round & reloading dies are available. Take the 223 brass, good lube and resize in a few passes if one pass crushes the shoulder or you hit too much resistence. Brass will work harden so annealing could be needed. Probably goes without saying but this round won't work in the HMR rifles.