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Neck resizing, case forming help please.

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by cuesandmore, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. cuesandmore

    cuesandmore Western OR New Member

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    Was talking to a good reloading friend of mine today, and he posed a question that I haven't a clue how to answer. He has no internet access, so I said I would ask the world of knowledge that you all have.

    He wants to neck size .223 down to .17 cal., and rebarrel his .223 rifle to .17 cal. to get away from the rimfire cartridges.

    He has been reading in reloading books to find the right procedure, but I told him of the millions of dollars of advice that I have gained from the forums and said I would ask.

    Ideas on procedures, and or needed specialty items?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. toolfan

    toolfan North Portland Member

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    Why the new thread?


    I don't believe it's possible to turn a 17hmr rifle into a centerfire gun.

    Since he has to get a new gun, the world is his oyster, pick a commercial or wildcat cartridge and a gun to shoot it out of.

    Case forming dies do the work of necking down the case (different than "neck sizing")
    Case form dies:

    edit to add...

    wow. $484 to get a case forming die to go from .223 to 17 mach IV. ouch. There are some cheaper options, but I'd say a commercial cartridge might be the way to go.
  3. PBinWA

    PBinWA Clark County Well-Known Member

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    If he doesn't go to Mach IV then it's reasonable:

    58019 - .17-223 Rem from .223 Rem - 166.98
  4. tcs#1

    tcs#1 oregon Member

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    Yeah I got away from the 17HMR and got a 17 K hornet barrel for my contender
    Cool round tho a pain to load at 1st

    This guy has some good info on the round

  5. cuesandmore

    cuesandmore Western OR New Member

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    I added the new thread because I didn't have complete info from my friend.
    He wants to rebarrel his .223 rifle to .17 and resize .223 brass to accept .17 bullets, if feasable, and of course, not outragous in price.
  6. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Easiest and most reliable avenue that I can see:

    Rebarrel to .17 Remington. Avoid trying to "save money" sizing down .223 brass, and just buy .17 Rem brass. Regular .17 Rem dies and you're in business.

    If the gun began life as a .223, no magazine alteration should be necessary.

    If you try to "save money" by sizing down .223's, you may find that you'll also need to turn the case necks down to eliminate the thickness that came from sizing down. (Your "save money" strategy just went out the window because you bought a neck turner.)
  7. 2506

    2506 Seattle Well-Known Member

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    The 204 Ruger is far and away superior to any .17 and both brass and cartridges are readily available. Why go to all the trouble to get a .17? I mean, other than having to have another rifle...