Navy Arms/Pedersoli rolling block carbine

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    I will post pics in the morning, but for now, this is an older Navy Arms import. Quite nice walnut for an Italian replica, with a fair amount of color. Overall condition is good to very good, with a bit of finish wear on the barrel.

    It is chambered to .45-70, with a 20" octagon to round barrel. Action is color case hardened, with the color still being pretty bright. The trigger guard and barrel band are brass, along with the buttplate. Bore is bright. Sights are a simple fixed rear with a silver blade front, about like muzzleloader sights.

    Asking $575 plus shipping to your FFL. Might strongly consider a trade for some cash (not much) and a clean Glock G19, if it was one without finger grooves.

    These are going new in the upper 800 plus buck range, so this can be considered a reasonable bargain. If you are interested in a short handy carbine with plenty of punch and style, here it is.........

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