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    Normally I hate the ads that are targeted specifically at me but this time one caught my eye - some of you may have seen it as I got it from an ad on Northwestfirearms:

    It's for $5.00 off any purchase (one per day, per customer) and a one time use 20% off coupon. Call Napa before you go and talk to manager to ensure they take it and that their employees are aware of it. We had trouble at one store but they then realized they do accept them after a phone call. Battleground, Andresen and Hazel Dell all take them as confirmed by use or phone call. This is not well advertised and the employees are not well informed about it but I printed the single coupons directly off their corporate website. I just copied multiples so I'd save paper.

    Hurry, they expire March 31st.

    New information: Battleground store says they will only take it on non-sale items and no oil. The other stores have not made stipulations that I am aware of.

    Mini Coup.jpg

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