I have two only one left now of these interesting Russian historical artifacts. Unique revolvers in that the bullet is set back in the case and the case seats/seals in the forcing cone. I've read they are the only revolver you can put a silencer on. 7-shotters. Work fine. When they run out of ammo, useable as blunt tools ;). I'm not a collector of these - so no specifics on serial numbers or markings, etc. They are in good shape. Both come with the flap holsters.

Nagant M1895 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I also have 7.62x38R Nagant ammo, both surplus and new manufacture.

$140 each, or $280 for both. I'll sell some ammo with each for cheap. The one remaining one - I'll deal even better with ammo.. you'll get some free with the gun at $140..

Cash, face to face, local, Oregon resident only, LEGAL to own firearms. the closer to Hillsboro the better.

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