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    From Mark Kelly/Giffords:

    But in 2013, we took the political world by storm. No single campaign or organization raised more money from a larger number of individual contributions than we did. And in that process, we sent an undeniable message that the playing field would soon be level - that politicians seeking change had nothing to fear from the gun lobby because a grassroots movement had their back.

    Now the trick is doing it again in 2014 - showing Congress that support for responsible solutions to reduce gun violence wasn't a one-year phenomenon.

    We have a Federal Election Commission reporting deadline one week from today, and everyone will be looking to see how we do this year. Thankfully, a generous supporter has pledged to match - dollar for dollar - every donation we receive between now and June 30.

    End of quote.

    So, did they really outraise the NRA? I have no idea how to verify.
    Any guesses who the generous donor is?
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    Bloomberg of course
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    Okay, so $1,200 x 2 = $2,400

    I'm sure they'll be proud of that :rolleyes: The fact of the matter is, without their "mystery" donors like Bloomberg, their 'grass roots movement' just can't survive. The problem is they still are under the misguided perception (based on very poor handling of the numbers) that 90% of Americans want more gun control. Funny, if that were true, it would seem that the mere 5,000,000 members of the NRA (only 5% of gun owners in the US) wouldn't consistently out-fund raise them. It's not grass roots for them, it's a few crazy donors with a lot of money trying to make their politics work through the back door of their supposed 'grass roots' organizations.

    I for one hope they keep trying and failing, over and over and over again. They'll never get the message, nor will they concede failure, but it will be fun to watch. Funny how the NRA doesn't have to keep turning to single billionaire individuals to keep themselves going. They seem to be able to function on their 5,000,000+ members and their donations.
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