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My wife and guns

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by Spray-n-pray, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. Spray-n-pray

    Spray-n-pray Battle Ground Moderator Staff Member

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    So get this. My wife says to me today, "go get all your guns out of the safe. I want to see all of them in the same place at the same time." I was thinking, oh crap, the jig is up. So I said, "you want me to get BOTH of them out now?" :laugh:

    So I do as she asks and get them all out. I am trying to tell her, "I am going to sell this one and that one......." You know what she tells me? "I don't want you to sell any of them. What happens if we need them when the zombies come?"

    I think I might just keep her around after all........ :thumbup:
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  2. Tangent123123

    Tangent123123 Battle Ground Active Member

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    SCORE! I think your wife needs to sit down with my wife and have a chat.

    haha.. honestly, my wife doesn't really like guns but has been very tolerant of my hobby. I count myself lucky as well.
  3. deen_ad

    deen_ad Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    My wife isn't even tolerant of my hobby!! Have never been able to use "community money" to buy any gun related item except for a cheap safe.
  4. plasticfood

    plasticfood Portland OR New Member

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    Beware, this smells like an insidious, subliminal, female set up of some sort.
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  5. SteelyDan

    SteelyDan Junction City Active Member

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    Good thing you had a decoy safe with a couple budget "plant" guns!
  6. biggie24420

    biggie24420 Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    1. Does she have a sister? lol
    2. Maybe she is looking at some shoes and or a purse, and is trying to justify the purchase (sounds like counter intelligence work) lol.

    I personally can't stand my significant other being anti gun or whatever. Guns are my passion, females are my hobby lol..... that is the darn truth though. I get mine and I am not a player but a gun will always be there for me and won't screw me over (as long as you treat the gun with respect). So you are a lucky guy to have someone who is interested in your guns.
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  7. greydog111

    greydog111 peoples repubilik of Oregon Active Member

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    was she wearin a scimpy outfit? My wife loves the gunsafe contents nearly as much as me!
  8. thewhitebuffalo83

    thewhitebuffalo83 Gresham/Boring Well-Known Member

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    If my wife asked I would be screwed. She is tolerant but if she only knew.
  9. wwkii

    wwkii gilchrist oregon Active Member

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    my wife was acually ticked that i was going to trade a couple of guns for a different front end for my motorcycle. she thinks the same way about the zombies. im pretty luckybut for some reason she dosent understand the amount of ammo that they all require though... haha
  10. Spitpatch

    Spitpatch Forest Grove, Oregon Well-Known Member

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    "This is my girl, this is my gun..."
  11. linflas

    linflas Salem, OR Member

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    My wife of 12 years has no interest in shooting, though I do insist she fires the shotgun a few times a year, just so she remembers how to use it. The trench gun is under the bed, dog should give her time to get it. She knows every gun and every purchase, community money is all we have, no personal accounts. She keeps my obsessions in check, R/C Airplanes, high end gaming computers, gaming in general, firearms. We can't have children, and choose not to adopt, so just me and her and our hobbies.

    She did ask not too long ago about this up-coming zombie apocalypse, and whether I had enough ammo to hold out. Made me smile, then went shopping. :)
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  12. DinhRose

    DinhRose Austin, Texas (Ex-Pat of SE PDX) Active Member

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    You guys are lucky. I have to barter with mine for firearms. She tells me not to buy anymore and i distract her with stuff she likes such as a new canon digital camera. I give it to her and the next few day I get to buy a new toy for myself. But the obsessions comes for me again soon enough and I have to buy her something else to create another distraction. The other day she told me how come i see you selling more guns then what i thought you had?!?!
  13. billgrigsby24

    billgrigsby24 Beaverton, Or Active Member

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    I told my wife from the beginning, don't even try to make me get rid of my guns. If you don't like them, don't marry me...all I'm going to do is get more. Then she went shopping for makeup and clothes.
  14. rufus

    rufus State of Jefferson Well-Known Member

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    Before she was my wife, I took her with me out to the desert while I broke-in a new off-road motorcycle (used to race AMA District 37 H&H in southern Cali). She got a tan while I did my thing, and when I was done I retrieved my Berretta 92FS from the truck and proceeded to make holes in the empties.

    She was frightened at first, having never been around a gun before, but I showed her how it worked and that it was not going to start shooting all by itself, killing everyone around it. After a few magazines I asked her if she would like to try it. No. Aw, come on. No!

    A little bit more coaxing and she finally agreed to just one shot. Just one! Okay, so I put one round in a 15 rounder, hand her the empty gun then the mag and talk her through her one shot.

    Bang! Can I do it again?

    I load another round in the mag and hand it back.

    Bang! Fill it up!

    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

    I knew right then she was a keeper. Heck of a good shot too. It was a good day.

    Now she has her CHL. :)
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  15. Working 4 U

    Working 4 U Eugene Active Member

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    We just celebrated 19 years:thumbup::huh:, I really need to take her shootimg more often we went out a couple of months ago and she really liked it.;)

    We too have community check book and I run it, not because she can't I'm just home.
    Over time I save a little here and there to get my new gun. I give the children a dollar bill for their change and throw the change in my little box and in 3 to 4 months time I have $45 to $50. I do get the odd job on occasion the brings in a little money teaching first aid and CPR, (I'm unemployed wife has the good job so I'm Mr Mom now) and I get to save that. Sometimes I sell some of "the things I thought I needed" to fund something else "that I do need". But sometimes even what I saved gets blown up when a child needs physical thearpy or something like that so the check book doesn't take a big hit, but I am Blessed by the Lord God.:thumbup:
  16. Misterbill

    Misterbill Yakima County, Washington New Member

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    My wife got a .357 for her birthday and a Sig p220 for Valentine's day. We aren't worried about zombies. But other two-legged predators had better pick a different woman to mug or house to rob.
  17. Ding

    Ding Lighter Side of Oz Active Member

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    well mine took my Tantal and lasered 9MM from me.She loves the "dot" from the laser.Likes the idea of puttin the "dot" on someones forehead or crotch.I should re-think this out a little further.
  18. mjbskwim

    mjbskwim Salmon,Idaho Well-Known Member

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    Only reason I could think of to keep a wife around
  19. Blue Devil PA

    Blue Devil PA Boise Active Member

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    Wife is pretty cool with guns considering her upbringing, but does not really get that like tools, there are different guns for different needs. To her, a gun is a gun; too much Hollywood gun education. It has been a ever slow process of acquiring and getting her acquainted with my hobby. Does not help that she WILL NOT watch any movie with anything more than a bare minimum of violence. At least it gives me a pass for getting out of watching crap like "Fried Green Tomatoes" {gouge my eyes out first}.
  20. PDXSparky

    PDXSparky Keizer / Hillsboro Well-Known Member

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    OK, I think you're just telling a story to make those of us non-gun wives jealous. My wife doesn't know how much I've spent on guns or ammo, but she did recently ask "how many guns do your own now"? I answered honestly and she was fine with the 5 I owned at the time. I think she's just happy I have a hobby to keep me out of her hair. For us, money isn't an issue, she just doesn't like loud noises. My next purchase is going to be a suppressor for my Browning Buckmark. Maybe I can get her to try shooting that.