My Stainless Rossi .357 Trapper for another levergun

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by bmw2, Apr 23, 2012.

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    So, I picked up an awesome Rossi 92 Trapper in .357. It's stainless steel with a 16in. barrel and holds 9 rounds. It's only had a few hundred rounds through it. I held it at the store and fell in love, it handles great and is super light. However, before I got home, capacity never crossed my mind. I can't use it for cowboy shoots because it needs to hold ten rounds. I thought about modifying the spring and follower to get one more .38 in there but thought I'd see if I could find a trade first. I have the manual but not the box.

    So, my preference would be to find a standard 20in barrel in stainless and do a straight swap. That's probably a long shot so would also be open to blued models or Rossi's in .44mag, especially an octagon barrel model, as they run about the same price as the stainless. If you have a blued gun or a gun that's not in similarly good shape, I'd like a little bit of cash on your end. I'd be open to Marlins also and could possibly add some cash depending on what you have. If you absolutely have to have it and don't have anything to trade, I'd take $450.

    Also, I've had quite a few Rossi's and I know the build quality was kind of hit or miss on the older ones. I know that stock Rossi's aren't exactly buttery smooth but some of the older ones are rougher than usual, I'll be using this gun in competition so if it's an older model I may not be interested if the action is super stiff. Just want to be up front about it.

    I'm traveling down to the Puyallup WAC show on Sunday so I could meet on the way down or way back, either there or at the new Cabela's.
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