My review on the Walther P22. A lady with a Punch!

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    I'm sure you will remove the world "PLINKING" from your vocabulary once you have shot the Walther P22 with the CCI Stinger Round!
    Trust me!

    And had no expectations or preconceived ideas about the Walther P22 Vs any other Hand gun. I had read reviews and watched some videos of the Walther, but that was it. I had read many poor reviews on it, as well as some good. So I had a 50/50 mixed feeling about how it would perform.

    I just took my Walther P22 out and ran her through her first Paces today.
    This was the first time I had EVER shot a Handgun. Yes, it's sad but true. :eek:

    The short Version
    Overview:VERY Accurate Gun. Much Louder and powerful then expected. Low Recoil but varies with ammunition used. Fired 280 rounds of 4 different types of ammunition and not a single FTF or FTE. Performed FLAWLESS!
    Worked perfect with CCI Mini Mags (Round Nose), CCI Stingers (Hollow Point) and American Eagle(Hollow Point)

    It packs enough punch and performance the experienced shooter will be happy shooting it for fun or practice, and yet small enough and understated a new shooter can learn how to shoot a hand gun.

    *Use good High Velocity AMMUNITION such as CCI and keep your Walther Clean and you will be very happy with it!

    *Fun Gun To Shoot. Don't Underestimate it! Great First Hand Gun or inexpensive shooter for practice.

    *Field strips FAST, a little more difficult to get the recoil spring in, but no big deal. (Just treat her like a lady and she will treat you well)

    ---The LONGER version and more Details.

    The Walther P22 can be overlooked and understated at first glance.
    Even holding the smaller light weight pistol can feel more "TOY" like especially if you are used to Sig Sauers, 1911, and larger style guns.

    "Phhhftt,, I need a REAL GUN" can be your first thought.
    Not to mention some of the bad reviews it has gotten.
    But don't let that sway you! I'm glad it didn't for me!

    "But it's just a little .22" you say?

    No biggie. We have all shot .22lr rifles before.
    They barley make a pop louder then a fire cracker and put tiny little holes in pop cans. Woppy!

    Well, I learned this NOT to be true with my little Walther P22.
    She is underestimated like a smooth and small lady, and packs a punch!

    Take this underestimated little girl out and run some CCI High Velocity Hollow Point Copper jacketed Stingers through her barrel and you might just think differently about the Walther 22 and 22LR in general!! I DO!

    The first mistake I made was not bringing hearing protection. "It's only a little .22, it's not that loud. After all my .22 Marlin rifle was very quite."

    I loaded up the magazine with 10 rounds of CCI Stingers High Velocity Hollow Points, racked the slide, and let off the first round.

    BBAAAAM!@@@ RIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGG.......... I was instantly SHOCKED by how extremely LOUD it was! My ears were ringing instantly and they still are 9 hours later. USE HEARING PROTECTION WITH ALL FIREARMS! Especially this little gal. She is a sneaky one!

    I used 4 Different types of Ammunition and did some rapid fire shooting also to see if I could get it to jam. It DID NOT JAM ONCE IN 280 Rounds.

    **The only TWO Exceptions were: 1. The small CCI Pest Control Shot Shells. They are not powerful enough to move the slide. You WILL need to manually eject each one after firing.(Good to remember if you have to shoot a deadly snake and it doesn't die in the first shot. :laugh:
    It has enough power to go through an empty card board box at 15 feet.
    And empty plastic milk jug at 10 feet. But unless you are shooting small snakes or mice at very close range, it's really useless.

    2. The Walther P22 didn't like me MIXING the ammunition in the magazine.
    IE: 2 Rounds of American Eagle, 4 Rounds of CCI Stingers, 4 Rounds of CCI Mini Mags. It had issues feeding them from the magazine. This was the ONLY time I ran into this issue.
    The BREAK DOWN -
    GUN = Walther P22 - OD Green Manufactured in MARCH 2009.

    Condition= Barley Used From first owner - 100 rounds from previous owner.

    Ammunition Used in test =

    100 Rnds *CCI Mini Mags - Copper-Plated Round Nose 40 Grain HV(1235 fps)

    20 Rnds *CCI Stingers -HV Hollow Point 32GR (1640FPS)

    160 Rnds *American Eagle 40 gr Round Tip HV (unknown fps)

    20 Rnds *CCI Pest Control Shot Shell

    The First ammunition I used was the Stinger round by CCI. Stated velocity is 1640fps. This is through a rifle of course and will differer with a pistol. But it sure packs a punch!

    ***My first target was a 1 gallon milk jug filled with water from 30 feet.
    I hit the jug from 30 feet with the first shot. The jug jumped into the air, flew back and split nearly in two and the round continued to travel another 40 feet into the dirt berm. By the time I got to the jug 30 feet away it was nearly empty of it's water.

    When I fired the American Eagle Hollow Points into a water filled Milk jug some of the bullets fragmented and left small shards of lead in the jug.

    The CCI Hollow Point Stingers DID NOT do this.

    There is a HUGE difference between standard 22LR rounds typically used and the CCI Stinger Hollow Point rounds! I wouldn't want to get shot with one that's for sure! It will make a mess of whoever it hits.

    ***My second target for the CCI Stingers was a brand new book (i didn't ever read) with 320 pages in it. It was never opened so it was solid and crisp.

    I place the book against a piece of wood in the upright position.

    I shot the book with the CCI Stinger Hollow point round from 25 feet.

    The book flew back knocking over the wood, and landed 3 feet from where it was sitting. The round had gone through the book and exited, through the 1 inch piece of wood and struck the berm 30 feet behind it.

    The entrance hole was tiny and that of a .22lr. But the exit hole was large enough to stick your thumb out of.

    As you can see, the High Velocity Hollow Points REALLY make a big difference.

    If I could ONLY carry a .22LR Pistol for protection, I would ONLY USE CCI High Velocity Hollow Point Stingers. (NO, they didn't pay me to say this.)

    For general target practice the CCI Mini Mags are great, or the American Eagle. Stingers are pricey and wicked fast.

    As for accuracy, as they say "The gun is as good as the shooter." But this little gun is VERY accurate!
    I shot targets from 18 feet as that is a good defensive range.

    I fired 20 rounds total, each magazine in under 15 seconds from 18 feet from the Target. (I'm a new pistol shooter mind you)

    I came back after shooting, and gave my girl a thorough cleaning.
    Keeping your GUN(s) CLEAN is VERY important. Especially if you shoot .22LR.
    I hear many people complain their gun sucks, when in fact they just don't clean it or take care of it.

    So in the end:

    280 rounds Fired No FTF, no FTE. 2 Different brands, CCI and American Eagle.
    4 Different types of ammo. Mini Mags, Stingers, American Eagle, Shot Shell.
    Bore Snaked every 50 to 100 rounds.
    Fired flawless.

    First Favorite Target Ammo for PRICE and Dependability. American Eagle
    First Favorite Target Ammo for Quality, Power and Dependability - CCI Mini Mags

    I hope this helps someone.

    I know before I purchased my Walther P22, I had a lot of concerns about types of Ammo, quality of the gun, and performance.

    After shooting it and different types of ammunition, I have come to the conclusion the Walther P22 does EXCELLENT with CCI Ammo. and Great with American Eagle.

    IMO: Best .22 Defensive Round: CCI STINGER High Velocity Hollow Points, 32 GRAIN. 1640 fps.
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    Really appreciate the excellent in-depth review and the work that went into it!

    I concur with all your observations-it's especially important to use good quality, high velocity ammo with the P22-it says so in the manual and this is advised by Walther America customer service.

    My first time out with mine I had to use what ammo was available at the PSTC which resulted in some FTFs. But the next time I put 200 rounds of CCI Mini Mags through it and it worked flawlessly. And this gun is really fun to shoot and very accurate although you're obviously a better shot than me.:D

    Putting the recoil spring back is notoriously difficult. Here is a link to how to do this more easily:

    Castlefox-what has been your experience with the takedown lever??-I still haven’t been able to push mine down.
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    Now you need to go out and get a can for that (they suppress great)......
  4. CastleFox

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    Yah I have seen them suppressed. It's really nice, but very costly. Would rather buy another gun for that extra cost.
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    Thank you for the review.

    Anyone know of a good place for extra mags that aren't $40 ea?
    Also, anyone seen a good mag loader for them? I'm spoiled with my Ultimate Cliploader for the Ruger Mk III and Buckmarks.

    You should try shooting from 15yds for more challenge. :)

    It's interesting, the AE .22 HP absolutely sucks in my 10/22. I was thinking of simply burning the rest of the brick in a burn barrel to get rid of it. FTE, squibs, stovepiping, etc. One round would be hot the next would seem like a half charge. Very inconsistent.

    But in my .22 handguns it actually performs better.
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    Great review I would agree with everything I have the same 22 for my plinker since the ammo is way cheaper now I'm looking for the PPS 9mm in od green to match my 22.
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    Great review. I taught my 9 year old daughter to shoot with the P22 and it is now her gun.

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