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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by lowly monk, Dec 24, 2013.

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    Yes my wife and I feel we are very well prepped. However in reality she is disabled and is caregiver to her very disabled sister. So I have come to the reality that I will not drag anyone to a bug out location or live in fear in some hole. I will stand and fight, Help my neighbors as i can, We live in a apartment community. We will Live simply and have a home-brew with a smoke wile I watch it go down. Oh I just got a hand pump for the old well on the property Very nasty tasting! I hope it clears up.
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    Have the well water tested. It is inexpensive to do and it might save you a lot of grief.

    There are well services who might be able to rehabilitate a well too.

    As for hand pumping, it is good to have the pump, but it will get old real quick - if SHTF you would probably have a lot more important things to do than be out pumping water. If you have some place you can put a water tank that would be elevated more than ten feet above your highest water outlet, then consider getting a water tank and using gravity to give you some water pressure - 0.4 PSI per foot of elevation. You need about 30 to 40 PSI for most appliances like a washing machine but then if you have power you can power a well pump.
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    hand pump = drinking water, cooking, toilet or sponge bath.
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    Hi Monk,

    Sorry for your situation with your sister in law.....

    Anyway, in view of your current living situation, my advice to you would be to find a cadre of people in your building or area that you can at least shelter in place with. My worry for you and your family is that you being prepped and your neighbors being hungry during a WROL or SHTF situation makes you a target. If you had extra supplies, weapons and people that you can train and trust, your operational readiness would be vastly improved.
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