My Online Vendor Scorecard


Ordered a few things were my results based on the last 6 weeks.

MidwayUSA: A. I've been a Midway customer for a long time and from my experience their inventory is honest and their system is pleasant to use. They ship fast (assuming they have stock). I have no complaints with them.

Brownell's: B. Not bad but their system is a little wonky. With Midway's you can login and cancel back orders, etc. - not so with Brownell's. Also, I swear people have ordered PMAGs long after I did and have received them while my backorders have languished. Still, I knew they were out of stock when I ordered.

Natchez SS: C. Hate their online system (you can't even see your order history), but their prices are usually slightly better. However, they take forever to ship. At the moment, I won't be receiving an order I placed in mid-January until mid-February.

Brassman Brass: A+. Placed an order and two days later got an apologetic call. They didn't have 1,000 .308 147gr HPBT bullets, so they could either issue a refund or send 1,500 of 147gr HPBT pulls. I took the pulls and they look like brand new to me. Outstanding.

Kentucky Gun Co: F. Noticed they had 8# IMR 4064 on their site and in stock, so I emailed them and asked if they really had it. A few days later they said "sorry, we are out, but we do have the 1#". Ordered the 1#. A few days later, "sorry we are out". This after telling me "Please note that unlike a lot of our other competitor's websites, we have a Live Inventory System that is accurate up to the minute." Not so much...placed an order for different powder on 1/17. Will it come? Who knows...haven't heard anything further.

Classic Firearms: A. Ordered a crate of 7.62x54R Bulgarian Silvertip and got it just as expected at a reasonable price.

UN Ammo: D-. Ordered a crate of 7.62x54R and expected the familiar green spam cans, especially since that's what was pictured for the item. Instead, got the most godawful rusty-nail crate with two white-powder-encrusted cans. The ammo inside is probably still good, but this is 1956 manufacture and notes that they've had problems with reliable ignition and hangfires. I told UN Ammo that it doesn't look remotely like what was on their site. Their response was "don't worry, shoots great!" Maybe it well, but that's not what I ordered.

Sportsman's Guide: A. Only bought from them because I had a coupon, but can't complain about...yeah, another crate of 7.62x54R.

Everglades Ammunition:
B. I'd give them an A but their 55g bullets are a bit panic-priced. Still, order and shipping was smooth.
Strong-Side Tactical: A. Had only 50 piece of a receiver not in stock at nearly any other retailer in the country. I've seen other retailers selling these exclusively on gunbroker for 200% MSRP. They sold them at MSRP and shipped within a few hours of ordering. Plus their inventory is live on their website and guaranteed if you can put it in your cart it's in stock.


ever since MidwayUSA changed their shipping fees, I don't use them anymore.

but they do have good service.
I don't do that much mail order. I was just looking at some dies and the lock rings popped up on the "Also Bought". I'm using Lee dies with the PIA lock rings so I thought I'd order some Hornady lock rings from Midway, good price. It turns out Midway wanted to charge me $3.00 just because my order was UNDER $25.00, AND $8.00+ shipping! Sorry, I won't do business with someone who thinks I'm not spending enough on a single order and then wants to charge me extra for the pleasure (not).

I'm about tired of seeing the shipping charge on the package I recieve saying $5.29 or such, but they bill me 8-9-10$ too!
I had an item on backorder with Sportsman's Guide. I knew it was going to be about a 2 month wait, as they had a posted date of when it would be back in stock (which was nice). I found a similar item elsewhere before it came in stock, so I went ahead and cancelled my order with Sportsman's Guide. They cancelled my order no questions asked. When the item became available (right when they said it would), they called me as a courtesy to let me know the item was in stock and wanted to know if I wanted to re-order it, and that they would throw in free shipping on it. I thanked them but told them I didn't need the item anymore, so they told me that they would go ahead and credit my account with free shipping on my next order anyway. Top notch service.
Sportsman guide refused to sell me .500 S&W ammo because I live in Oregon. When I told them we have no law against 50 caliber ammo here. He told me to work and get my laws changed. I said again how can I change a law we don't have? The guy yelled back at me it was my problem! I told him to go f#&% himself! And I will never again use them.
I think it would be funny if they review that call!


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