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My OC rule of thumb

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by LWYM425, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. LWYM425

    LWYM425 Snohomish county Member

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    When I OC I am really only comfortable doing so with a 'secure holster.' By that I mean one with a snap/strap over the hammer or around the back of the gun. So for me, thats a 686+ in a cheap synthetic Uncle Mikes holster.

    I have an XD40 and really like to carry that but am uncomfortable with the factory holster in public because not only does it lack the strap, but it displays the front end of the gun (though I think that easy access is great for CC). I think that seeing the front sights/barrel of a gun is what can cause intimidation (at least to a greater degree then not). I relate it to seeing a bare blade versus one in a sheath, or its clip on a pocket. I feel it makes people less likely to jump to the conclusion that you're just looking for an excuse to draw.

    What do you guys think, will you open carry in a 'quick draw' holster? Do you think that they can be too 'showy' and in-your-face to non gun owners? Or maybe you can persuade me to think that open holsters are no biggie, and I'm being a baby about this.

    Looking forward to hear what you've got! TGIF! :D
  2. sooeey2u

    sooeey2u Springfield, Oregon New Member

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    I carry my XD subcompact 9mm in a Blackhawk Serpa.

    It is locked in place with the finger retention tab so I is easy to quick draw but held securely in place otherwise.

    It is the only holster I use anymore.
  3. Just Jim

    Just Jim Well-Known Member

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    Open carry allows the bad guys to see your gun and lets him have availability to snatch it. If I were going to open carry I would find training in weapon retention.

  4. MountainBear

    MountainBear Sweet Home, OR Well-Known Member

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    What I suggest you do is strap your different holsters onto a friend. Using an UNLOADED gun, try to snatch it from him. Its really not as easy as you would think. I've played around with a few friends, and even leather friction retention holsters were very difficult to snatch guns from...
  5. CEF1959

    CEF1959 Willamette Valley, Oregon New Member

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    I don't want BGs to know I'm armed. I'm not so much worried about them snatching my piece, but I don't want to be known to them. If they know I am armed, they can deal with it appropriately. I prefer not to advertise. Let them worry about whether I (and hundreds of civilians around them just like me) might be armed.

    Think about this: You are in a McDonalds, and a shooter walks in. Whom does he take out first?
  6. Celtic Armory

    Celtic Armory Port Orchard, WA Member

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    First I OC my XD45 Tactical in a Blackhawk Serpa CQC. Love it, very secure and comfortable.

    Second. Anytime I go to a restaurant I always sit with a view of the main entrance or a view of that direction. If a BGw/Gun walks in, I'll see him before he sees I'm armed. I take precautions.
  7. biggie24420

    biggie24420 Beaverton Oregon Well-Known Member

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    That is a very good idea.... choosing where to sit in a resturant. I am all for OC but I CC 85% of the time. I do use a serpa level 2 with a blackhawk QD. You have to always be aware of what and who is around you when you OC. Next time I go shooting me and my friend will be working on weapon retention.
  8. cyclesarge

    cyclesarge Eugene OR, DUH! We're ALL in the NORTHWEST Well-Known Member

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    If you are wearing the gun and a friend tries to snatch the gun from you (but has a difficult time doing so) how "usable" is the gun to YOU? I suspect while the guy trying to get the gun has a 5-10% chance to get the gun, it might lower your chance to effectively use the gun to about 50%. I haven't tried any of these exercises, just wondering.
  9. chemist

    chemist Beaverton OR Well-Known Member

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    That's why a "weapon retention device" is important to carry on your weak side when you OC.

    Most bad guys are lazy and sneaky, and not what you'd call courageous. They'll move along to an easier target.
  10. gogoDawgs

    gogoDawgs Federal Way, WA Active Member

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    OH Boy!

    Jim, name one time this has happened with a true open carrier? Not a LEO or uniformed security for obvious reasons. It has not happened. I am not saying that it can't, but if/when it does the statistical oddity will be something like 0.00001%.

    I walk around Tacoma and Downtown Seattle on a regular basis and I have never had anyone even think about this nonsense you speak of. I have noticed 'gang banger' like kids, young 20s adults notice me on occasion. When this has happened they leave the area.

    As far as training in weapons retention, it is not a bad idea to take on some responsibility. Start here for the free stuff and move on to FAS or others as needed.