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    So, i just have to vent. About 6 months ago i turned in my form 4 for my TiRant 45 suppressor. Finally on December 13th, i find out that there was an error on the length and tradename of the application. I was like okay, no problem. I called my dealer and let him know that he will be recieving the form for fixing the error. He assured me its not a problem. So, i call him to make sure he sent the corrected form in and he told me he did, which was on December 19th. I call the ATF today and find out from the head of the error department that they have not received the form yet. Now, this mail is going to West Virginia to the main office. Its been 8 days. I know due to holidays, mail might get backed up but come on! 8 days?? So i called the lady back and asked if this was about the normal time frame during holidays? She told me not really. She told me I might have to resubmit the application with the Sheriff signature and the id picture all over again and it will come straight to the correction department and will get approved in a few weeks, if it all comes to that. She told me to wait until January 12th, 2013 to call her back and see the status. I was like wtf...REALLY? This has been the worse experience i ever had with form 4 approval. I have several other applications that went right through and this just ticks me off. End of rant.

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