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I have a 3 Axis Linux CNC Starter Setup For Large Mill, Lathe or Router. I have video links to drives in this package in action turning stepper motors.

These Are Good Quality Parts With many Years of Life Left in Them. I Switched to 3 Phase Steppers So No Longer Need These. This would make an excellent starter kit for a CNC Project. I Trade / Barter Also Show Me What You Got...

Just Add Power Supply's (36V to 72V Recommended), Stepper Motors, Limit Switch's, Spindle Encoder if Required..

3 X DM8010 Commercial 10A 80VDC Max Drives For Nema 34/42 Motors
1 X Mesa 7I76 Breakout Board
1 X Mesa 5I25 Super Port
1 X 12V/5V Power Supply
1 X E-Stop Switch

Encoder Is Shown In Photo But It is Not Included...

CNC Kit.jpg
Total Package Above... No Stepper Motors $675.00 OBO Cash!!

Balluff Normally Closed PNP Proximity Sensor (Size of a Micro-Swich) $35.00ea 5 left or $150 for the Lot.
Ballaff x5.jpg

Ball Nuts USA Made $30.00ea I think i have 3 left Use Thomson Screw #5707540 amazon stocks it.
Nema 42 Stepper Motor & Driver $225.00 OBO
Nema 42.jpg Nema 42-2.jpg

Nema 34 Stepper Motor & Driver $165.00 OBO
Nema 34.jpg Nema 34-2.jpg
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