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So, this is going to be my memoir with getting attacked by the clones. This adventure started off with the SCT 19 and because I couldn't find it on sale, a friend of mine showed me PSA dagger and got the pair off a whim of bubblegum it why not. They were soon on their way to my fav FFL dealer, at the same time I found primary arms had the sct on sale and ordered it asap. Once I got the three in, I started to compare each one. So, this is my opinion of the three, I will eventually get a combat armory to try it out and for science. Will put parts list on the bottom.

The compact has a good grip, very tactile and doesn't get sticky when you start to sweat. The lower parts kit was already installed. the one thing I didn't like was that it had roll pins, maybe a way to discern those from messing with it. The compact has the same size as the regular 19. As far as slides go, I have tested this with an oem Glock slide, psa dagger, and a Leo precision custom. It worked great with all three slides and didn't have any issues. I really didn't lube it (bad me) but sprayed some clp in there and ran 140 rounds through it in its final form which is with the dagger slide. as far as long term I don't know yet as I just got it and still need to do more testing.

The Full size S - this is the equivalent to the 19x. the grip is long and slender same stippling as the compact as well as the LPK. I got the Leo precision slide same day when I got these lowers. I put the slide together and did a function check. The issue that I had was the trigger would not reset when the slide was racked back. so, the troubleshooting came in. I had a Glock 17 which uses the same parts. I swapped all trigger parts and worked great with no issues. I started to slowly swap out the two main parts: the trigger bar and the trigger housing. It ended up being the trigger. one long trip to Oregon rifle works, Traffic on 217 is a pita right now, came back with a new trigger and function check works great. PSA decided to add roll pins and was lazy to put them back upgraded to strike industries anti walk. they fit in them like a glove. Leo precision slide looks great, it came with no optics but that's ok no one really likes the stock Glock sights. the LPK was ok to work with the firing pin cups are a pita. So as far as firing, I got to add lube (he he) and ran 140 rounds through it and it took it like a champ and wanted more like a sadistic fetish and couldn't say Fluggaenkoecchicebolsen.

the SCT19: That one was getting the special treatment like a princess. When it arrived, it came bare like just the frame. So that one started getting the special treatment like a spoiled princess. It got a gold extended mag release button that I originally ordered off eBay for my g17 but put it on. Stock Glock mag spring, slide release and spring, Zev trigger housing, disconnector, competition spring kit, tyrant cnc trigger and slide stop. this was tested using the Leo precision slide. I had a few problems with it and it had nothing to do with the operation but with parts. The tyrant slide stop would engage itself every 4 or 6 shot (not really appeasing as it was 29 bucks) so it didn't get shot much since I found a failure point. This build has not been fired in its true form as the upper came in today from optics planet which consist of trybe defense slide, opmod barrel, and slide kit, the recoil spring is Glock original. The flared mag well was 17 dollars from eBay and it works/ fits with no issues. The slide came with no sights as well which I have some trijicon that I will put on it. I will continue to add more as more research comes in.

Parts List
Compact - All stock from PSA, both slide and lower

Full Size S - Lower: All stock minus the trigger bar and shoe
Slide: Leo precision, Dirt Bird threaded barrel, Leo Precision Slide kit, Mepro sights

SCT19- Lower: Zev trigger housing, disconnecter, trigger spring, Tyrant CNC trigger, Ebay mag release, Glock mag spring, slide release and spring.
Slide: Tyrbe Defense slide, barrel, and some LPK. Zev firing pin sleeve, internal main liner, firing pin spring, and safety spring and the little plastic plunger. Trijicon Night sights.

I will upload pictures tomorrow of each one.
How is the clone journey going?

I now have SCT (17 size), Poly80 (17 size), Dagger (19 size) and Combat Armory (19 size) frames to work with. In the new year, I am going to be looking for the best value in budget slides to top off the frames.
Whichever slide is cheapest then. That I can do.
True true, I've seen poly80 slides go for 89.99, but those are plain looking slides. The only difference that I notice would make a good experience in shooting is the quality of internal parts. So many manufacturers make parts so it will be a hit or it will suck

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