My gun control email to Oregon Legislature.

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    I put this up on the rapid fire arms facebook page, and it has been getting a lot of positive responses so i thought i would share it here also.

    So i sent all of the Oregon state senators and reps this email and here is one of the responses i got so far:

    Thanks for laugh! I've actually got TEARS coming out of my eyes!!!

    I support terrorist-free zones too!


    Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 7:38 PM
    To: Rep Parrish
    Subject: Affraid of terrorism!
    Dear Rep. Julie Parrish,

    I have become more and more afraid of terrorism over the years and would like to see some steps in my state to help stop terrorists. I would like to see some sensible legislation put in place to help curb terrorism. I know that these steps will not stop all terrorist, but if it saves just one life it will be worth it. Here are my suggestions.

    1) We should establish “Terrorism” / “Terrorist free zones”. This will let the terrorists know where they can and cannot commit these acts of terrorism. These should work just as the “gun free zones” stop shootings.

    2) We need to establish universal background checks on everyone in this state. It is the only way to make sure we catch all terrorist before they can commit any acts of terrorism.

    3) We have to allow the search of anyone’s house that has ever purchased any forms of fertilizer without search warrant.

    4) We should also only allow the purchase of 1 pound of fertilizer at a time and require a 7 day waiting period.

    5) We have to ban the purchase of more than 10 gallons of gasoline at one time. No one “needs” more than 10 gallons of gas.

    6) All new vehicles sold in Oregon must have a gas tank that cannot hold more than 10 gallons of gas.

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to my concerns, and please take time out of your schedule to help protect all of us from terrorism. Please consider these steps for firearms also, it will definitely help stop criminals from committing crimes with firearms.

    Thanks again,
    Rapid Fire arms LLC
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    thanks Brian :thumbup:
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    Here are some more responses from our representatives.

    Hey Brian,

    That made me laugh – I printed it off and put it on Sen. Thomsen’s desk.

    In the off chance you are serious (hey, you’d be surprised what kind of emails we get), I’ll tell you that for these concerns you’ll need to take them to some other senator because we wouldn’t be interested in placing stricter regulations on firearms. Our office is pro-2nd Amendment.

    John Swanson, Chief of Staff
    Senator Chuck Thomsen, SD 26
    900 Court St. NE, Salem OR 97301

    I totally understand what you are saying. What we need instead of taking away our rights to own guns, we should make it mandatory that all kids are taught the good and the bad about guns, how to handle them safely, how to shot them safely and what their responsibility is. Of course I believe that with every Right we have a Responsibility. We in Oregon, to follow the Oregon Constitution, are told we are the protectors of “ourselves and the State”. Now how can we do that if we are not allowed to own a weapon and ammunition that would be close to “equal” to what an invader would have?
    Representative Krieger and I are both NRA members, and involved with other hunting and gun owner groups.
    Thank you for your note. It is the Anti-gun people that need to be sent your ideas, but as I said I do understand your frustration.

    Colleen Krieger
    Legislative Assistant for
    Representative Wayne Krieger
    District 1

    Brian, your letter was a very different approach from the thousands of form letters we have received on the topic of gun control! Please be assured that I am a strong supporter of our Second Amendment Rights and do not support any efforts to suppress those rights. Thanks for taking the time to write.
    Best, Bill
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