So... I'm averse to cutting a perfectly good critter up into little pieces in the woods. Being raised on farmland on the westside, we always butchered our animals in the they game or from the pasture.

That's a hard habit to break...and I ain't broke it yet. You could argue I don't go off the beaten path far enough to break it, and I would concur.

This Muley was harvested near the Methow Valley in North Central Wa, and a Chainsaw winch drug him up to a flat spot near a trail, and you can see the rest unfold.

One year my truck broke down before the eastern hunt i had to take my civic i got there and got my deer and packed it in the trunk on a tarp i had a hard time cramming it in there but i made it fit . also hunted elk in a geo metro once . had a truck at camp but you can't beat a geo for gas milage but the looks from other hunters was priceless.

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