my dog just ate four baby rabbits

the wife was out mowing the field the other day.(good wife) said she saw what looked to be a gray furry nest looking thing. i didnt think much of it until tonight, the wife says OMG the dog is eating something in the field. i just got back from checking it out and OMG the dog is eating baby rabbits, looked like four or five of the little guys. ate his fill and wanted to bring one into the house,(bad dog). gods furry little critters are in deep doodoo around this guy. anyway have a nice day. sure glad the grand kids didnt see it on easter:s0114::s0114::s0114::s0114:
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My dogs love fresh rabbit for breakfast.There is good ,high quality protein in rabbit meat.

They grew up on this.Then the rabbit population went down as the locals cleared brush.(their habitat).

Lucky dogs
It's that time of year. The dogs seem to enjoy the furry squeaky toys. I once hit a nest with my tractor tiller and had bunnies flying through the air - I felt a little bad about that one.

These days I just rescue the ones that I can and let the kids try to keep them alive. By the time the survivors are old enough to be let go the kids interest in them has pretty much peaked.
i would be worried about worms or something too if my dog ate those. just sayin... I'm sure your dog is fine but it doesn't hurt to check it out. would be a shame to lose a good dog to that


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