My Calico M-950 with a 50 round magazine WTT/WTS

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    Want to Trade my Calico for a nice Hunting rifle for elk and deer with a nice scope or a used AR, or heck I love lots of guns so throw anything of interest out there. I will take cash offers to or partial trades, $800 cash take it but again, i'd prefer to trade . Throw an offer though and lets see if we can put something together.

    Price DROP: $750.00 cash or trades of course, will take deer/elk rifles of lesser quality plus cash also.

    Here are the specs of the CALICO LIBERTY III M-950 9MM :
    CALIBER 9mm CAPACITY 50 round Helical Feed ACTION Delayed blowback-CETME type, semi-auto MUZZLE VELOCITY 1290 FPS (6' barrel) WEIGHT Empty - 2.25 lbs., Loaded w/50rd magazine - 4 lbs. BARREL 6' heat treated Chrome Moly RIFLING 6 lands and groves, 1 twist in 14' RECEIVER Prime-cast A-356 aluminum, T-6 temper FURNITURE glass-filled polymer, impact res. SIGHTS fixed notch rear, adjustable post front (windage & elevation) SAFETY rotating sear block EFFECTIVE RANGE 300yards max

    Here is an old promo video you can check out on calico products with this pistol in it, you might even recognize it from some movies of the past:
    Calico Carbine Demo - YouTube

    You can also get 100 rd magazines , slings, and speed loaders for this
    This gun was designed for SWAT Law enforcement and probably serious bounty hunters i guess :p

    It is a nice low recoil, fast shooting pistol great for fun or zombie hoards that you may need to de-populate lol :)

    Got the original manual with it , thanks for looking and happy 4th of july.

    calico (1).jpg

    calico (2).jpg
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