"What is the reason for you returning the TV sir?"

"I bought this, and it looks like one of the manufacture's packers shot the screen out with a bb gun."
At the time I was angry for maybe a few seconds then just started laughing. Tossing a BRAND NEW flatscreen into the dumpster was kinda painful though but hey.....it was completely my fault. Nobody or nothing to blame besides the guy in the mirror. :)
I agree, that is why I posted it here instead of a place like Reddit! And with the MSM, they don't need any real life examples anyway, they can always make bubblegum up like they always do. My intention was to remind my fellow gun owners and new shooters to be extra careful, it is none of my business what people do, but I am just saying:

Hey bro, please be safe.

And to the person that said I was being too harsh yelling at my friend, I am too lazy to figure out how to quote multiple people, so I will just add it. I see where you are going, and I will give you props for having some good points. But for me, I take gun safety very seriously. I know nothing happened and that is good, but I don't know. I feel coddling just does not cut it.

I guess the point is, would you be mad if you were on the other side of that wall or maybe your child? Sure nothing happened, but your life just got saved by the grace of God, poor aim, and a hollow point.
Is your friend near us?? (your in lynnwood, I'm in marysville)...if so, maybe we can meet. I was a NRA certified handgun instructor (expired) and was a LEO firearms instructor (retired) but still train privately...We can go over the 4 cardinal rules and train safe handgun handling. (free)
let me know if I can help.

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